Jump AR – Game Review (iOS)

Review Update: The review was updated on April 21st to reflect the latest update which fixed some of the major issues in the game and added new features. More information can be found on this new post.

Jump-AR is a simple jumping AR game similar to AR Stack Jump Sushi Tower and AR Robot Runner. To be honest, the last thing I wanted to play is yet another AR jumping game. By already looking at the game’s screenshot I realized what the game is all about. Anyways, I thought to give it a try, maybe it’s better than the other AR jumping games that I’ve tried.

I do have to admit that I actually enjoyed playing AR Stacky Jump Sushi Tower because of its funny character animation (when you fail) and I liked the Sushi theme. However, overall it still came out a very mediocre AR game with nothing interesting to spice up my day.

Yet another same old jumping game

Jump-AR follows the same gameplay principles. You have your character, in this case, a cute bird (you can also change to a panda bear or a squirrel by unlocking those character using banana in-game currency). It’s a one-finger tap game. The player needs to time his jump so the bird lands on an upcoming platform that comes out horizontally from either the right or left side of the screen.

Jump AR game screenshot
The game automatically saves a screenshot when the game is over, so you can show your friends your new high score.

When you start the game you can choose the position where to spawn the game. However, due to the game playing in portrait orientation and the relatively large character scale, I do recommend positioning the game far away from the camera as possible, so you get to see when the blocks come into view. Even with positioning the game far from the camera, it was hard to detect when a tile comes into view. By the time I see it, it already ran over my character.

The game has quite a few issues

The game doesn’t support landscape orientation, although you can play it like that, keep in mind that the UI does not rotate to reflect the new orientation.

The game is definitely a hard game. After playing a few minutes I was actually able to get to 11 points, which is not bad. The main problem, however, is that unlike other augmented ready jumping arcade games, here the block stack up the whole time. In other games, when you reach a certain height, the tower resized down so you won’t have to deal with a big tower, like 1 meter or more height.

I played the game on my bed, so after getting to around 10 blocks, the tower was already very high and I almost couldn’t see the character from the point I was playing. This is definitely a bad game design choice and needs to be corrected. Take Stack AR for example. It does just that, when you get to a certain number of tiles, it pulls the one below out so the tower won’t get too high. When the game ends, it draws the tower again so you can see its real height, but it’s when the game is over, just to give the player to see how tall his tower got to become.

JumpAR also doesn’t show the Game Center leaderboard. There is also a Facebook leaderboard tab, but I didn’t even bother with it.

When the game is over, the game saves a screenshot, so you can share or save this screenshot locally when you get to a new highscore.  The developer also added some nice 3D vegetation to frame the game, but I found it unnecessary. It’s the type of game that you want to play in a small area and because there is no way to resize the game’s board, it looked out of proportions when played in a small area. For example, I played it on my small bed, and the frame looked like it stuck in the air. It will look nice on the floor with a large space though.


I won’t judge the game from being unoriginal of course. When compared to similar games, The limited field of view in games like that is quite annoying, to be honest.

I did feel good when I got 11 points but with a broken global leaderboard, what’s the point. I definitely don’t see myself playing more to unlock the other characters, nothing really motivates me to do so.

The game became boring after a few minutes of gameplay. It also has a game-breaking bug that sometimes you click to jump and the character doesn’t react.

Overall, Jump-AR was less interesting and fun compared to AR Stacky Jump Sushi, which was designed better than this in my opinion. The game is free on the App Store, but you won’t miss anything if you skip it.

Download Jump-AR free from the App Store here.