Playing Jump AR in Tokyo, Japan

Playing Jump AR in Tokyo, Japan (after an update)

I went to Tokyo to attend some AR related events and places. Tokyo is less than 2 hours flight from Seoul where I am right now. Of course, I’ve also taken my iPad with me to play some AR games outdoors.

Tokyo has amazing places and it was more green than I expected it to be. It’s definitely a great place to shoot some footage of AR games.

Reevaluating Jump AR in Tokyo, Japan

On April 3rd, I’ve reviewed a game called Jump AR. By the time I reviewed it, it was buggy and I found the game quite lacking compared to similar arcade games of its type.

I’ve heard that a new update has been released that solved that issues that I’ve encountered during my review and more features have been added. On April 11th, the developer added multiple continue states after game over and added the option for the app to check if there is a new update on the app store, following other improvements that were released since the day that I’ve reviewed it.

I’ve decided that it is fair to reevaluate the game and I’ve decided to do so while staying in Tokyo, Japan.

I’ve visited many places in Tokyo, I might share some videos of that at a later date. At some places, I’ve decided to take my iPad out and play Jump AR.

Jump AR is a great casual game because it doesn’t need a lot of space, you can literally play it everywhere you go, it’s simple and fun (after the update)

I’ve played it in Kokyo Higashi-gyoen (Imperial Palace East Garden), Shinjuku Gyo-en garden, Shibuya street and other places.

Here, check out this video of me playing Jump AR in different places in Tokyo. Sorry for the lack of audio in some scenes, the iPad bug still exists.

The Game Changed for the Better

Jump AR has definitely changed for the better. I felt it the moment I start playing. The jumping felt responsive and the intersection of the character with the blocks felt right and not awkward as in the previous installment.

After trying out many different AR jumping arcade games, I found Jump AR to be among the most fluid ones, gameplay wise, and therefore more satisfying. The game isn’t designed to be super hard like Squishy Hoops, so you actually felt like you can play quite a lengthy round. For me, it was even close to a minute (at my best play), although I didn’t measure it up.

The game’s difficulty plays with the speed, timing, and size of the blocks. The longer the player survives, the smaller the blocks become, but the size isn’t paper-thin, you still have enough space to time your jumping right and safely land on blocks.

My best score is 49 (you can see it in the gameplay video). I was able to achieve that after using 5 bananas to continue the game after failing at 43 points. I set the record at Tokyo Imperial Palace near the East Garden. I felt good being able to achieve that high score in such a beautiful place and I was excited to share that with you in a video.


Jump AR has definitely changed for the better. The game felt more fluid, accurate and therefore more fun and addicting to play.  I’ll definitely be going to keep in installed and play it in other beautiful and exotic places and try to break my record again.

Overall, a fun and challenging little arcade augmented reality game to play in your free time. The game is free on the App Store, you can download it from here.

Also worth mentioning, that I’ve updated the review scorJump-AR to reflect the recent updates.

P.S. sorry for the lack of audio in some of the scenes in the gameplay video. Apple still hasn’t solved that bug and sometimes I get footage without any audio. So again, sorry for that.