Stack AR puzzle game

Stack AR Game Review

Stack AR is a challenging and very addictive Augmented Reality puzzle game for iPhone and iPad ARKit supported devices. The game does work in a non-AR mode, but it’s far way more fun to play it in AR because you can move around the 3D tower rather than play it in a fixed perspective.

The idea is very simple. You need to stack up a pile of bricks one on top of the other while trying to reach as high as possible. Don’t worry about not having too much space where you play, the game just removed part of the bottom which you already did so you always see only the top part.

Now it’s not like you might imagine, you don’t put the pieces yourself by dragging them. Each time a single piece will float over the tower and you need to tap the screen to it lands on the previous part below it. This is why this game relies on a very precise timing. Furthermore, the block will always carry the same size as the last block. If you perfectly align the new block with the previous one, you get the same block size the nex time. If you only able to feel the previous block partially, only the size of the block that covered the to most block will be used as the next block. So if you don’t perfectly align the blocks, you’ll be left out with a smaller and smaller piece each time. This is until you are left with a very thin block, which is very hard to stack up and this means that you will probably fail pretty soon. Stack AR does give you an option to get another try in favor of watching a short ad.

 Stack AR game screenshot
The ability to move around the 3D tower as you play is unique feature only available in AR mode.

As you play you’ll be completing many mini-achievements. Those achievements once fulfilled, can earn you points which you can later use to unlock new levels. From what I’ve seen, those levels are just different looking blocks featuring different colors and textures.

This is a game that is easy to learn but hard to master. You can also click the rating icon and see how you stack up against your friends and other players around the world.

The game works perfectly in AR and this is the mode that I recommend playing. The only probably that I’ve noticed is that for some reason it had problems detecting surfaces in my apartment. It didn’t detect the large table at all no matter what I did and it only worked on the small table and chairs. If you love simple yet challenging and addicting games, I highly recommend giving this game a try.


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