Dragon World Mixed Reality

[FICTIONAL] Playing “Dragon World” Mixed Reality Game

Every day that I go out I feel that I want to see something virtual outside.I think I’ve become used to seeing virtual things since I start experiencing augmented reality on a daily basis.

Today when I went out, I thought about how amazing it could have been if the outside world was all part of a huge game, full of fantastic creatures. That lead me thinking about amazing mixed reality games can be when played outdoors using mixed reality glasses. That game can be social, FPS or any other genre. Let’s assume it’s an MMORPG mixed reality game called “Dragon World”!

Before I begin taking myself into wonderland, just so you know, everything written here is completely fictional. Until that type of mixed reality game is released, all I can do is just imagine.

I imagine myself getting out of my house, wearing my mixed reality glasses on and holding the game’s controller. I know the moment I get out, enemies can be right there lurking at any corner. This game tells the story of an alien race who invaded our real world. You don’t need to search for them, like searching for Pokemon creatures in Pokemon Go, they are out there in the open, fighting for domination.

Players are fighting them out in the wild. Some of them can even wait outside your door waiting for you to get out. However, these are small ones which you can take out quick. If you don’t buy a certain house protector, some of them can even invade your house.

From time to time, huge enemies come at center populated areas. I don’t mean areas full of people, but ones where many players who play the game exist, those who fight for saving Earth. They are very powerful, and you need to team up with other players to fight and defeat them.

In my vision, that virtual world turns the real world into a sci-fi movie. Once you put your mixed reality headset own, you enter a new world. It indeed feels like being inside a movie. Imagine dinosaur-like flying creatures controlling the sky,  seeing a group of people trying to fight together against a beast that spawned in the middle of the park. You run to help them, but that flying creature starts to attack you. You take your legendary dragon-slasher sword out, the one that you unlocked yesterday after participating in an event, and you kill the dragon (the sword is controlled using the controller).

After that, you rush to help the other players. The players don’t look like regular people because the game renders them with virtual clothing that they unlocked. You also unlocked new chest piece, gloves, and leg armor. When you look at yourself, you can actually see the armor and other clothes you wear.  At the front, you can see a very player wearing a (virtual) hat which can only be unlocked if finish the weekly raid event.

It’s really cool watching other players with the in-game clothing. Some of them look like wizards, other look like knights with heavy armor. They turn and welcome you to join the fight. The rendering of the clothing in real-time really makes it feel like you are inside a movie. Even the sky turns red when the monster appeared and acid rain is raining down from the sky.

I don’t have a lot of time because I need to rush to work, but how can I give up the fight. Those guys need help and that nasty beast should drop some good loot. I stayed and 15 minutes later we have defeated it. I got higher level legs and a cool epic rifle—it was definitely worth it. I put the new leg armor on, I look down, and I can see it on my legs, looks so cool.

Afte work I go back home. I meet a neighbor who also plays that game. I put back my mixed reality glasses and we both go for a duel to check out our new gear. After that, a few friends of mine join in. We got a very rewarding daily mission to kill and destroy 5 flying dragons. Those dragons are very hard to kill, and they don’t attack the ground, they spit fire from the sky.

I couldn’t take them out using my sword. My friends have a good long shot rifle. I’ve decided to give him healing support using a healing spell that I’ve unlocked a few days ago. My other friends will try their best to deal damage using their mid-range guns and rocket.

We look at the map and see were some dragons are. In fact, the game already creates a glowing 100m pillar from the ground, so you can easily spot the location from where you are standing. You just need to go towards this direction. You can find it like that without looking at a map.

By the way, spellcasting is really fun, you can use gesture to create different spells. The cool thing is that when wearing the MR glasses, you can actually see and feel (the vibration of the controller) the spell brings released from your own hand.

The game looks amazing in the evening. The world outside is full of glowing creatures, and you can see people fighting from a long distance. It’s funny when you take off the glasses, it’s just s regular world, nothing exciting, but when you put it on, you are back into the game and all the world around takes up a different shape.

It was a great day and I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and go fight to save my world. Hopefully, no creature will evade my home, because I haven’t unlocked the Home Guard gadget yet.

This was all fictional of course, but the thing is that with mixed reality glasses, we will be able to play games like this. Just imagine seeing friends coming by your house and you can see them wearing their new unlocked armor and the funny hats they got from Christmas event. This just scratches the surfaces, and there are unlimited possibilities. This would be such an amazing gaming experience, something like no other.

Banner image credit: By David Revoy / Blender Foundation (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons