AR Robot Runner iOS game screenshot

AR Robot Runner Review

AR Robot Runner is an endless runner jumping AR iOS game.  The players need to jump on top of horizontally moving blocks as they stack up one on top of each other.

The gameplay relies on very accurate timing. You need to tap the screen so the robot jumps the and lands on the platform.The blocks come in various sizes and once you land on a block, it will stick in place. The tricky part is that you need to jump on the block at the right time so it will land well on the previous block below it. The game is also physics-based, so if the blocks aren’t aligned well to support each other, the building will just collapse with you on it, and it’s game over.

You can miss a jump sometimes if it’s a small block, but then you land in the same place. It might be a good idea to skip the small block because it can lead to an unstable structure later on.

The goal of this ARKit game is to try to reach the highest score possible. The bad news is that there isn’t any local or global leaderboard.

The game has both a regular mode and an AR mode, so you can decide to play each on you prefer. However, the normal mode is harder than the AR mode because it has a limited area and you get less time to see where the blocks are coming from. In the AR you can just walk back a bit and you can see the blocks way ahead of time and prepare your jumps.

One thing I liked about the game is that it’s not punishing as some of the other runner jumpings ARKit games that I’ve tried. If the blocks lose balance a bit and about to fall, you can still correct things but making sure the next blocks are stacked better. This is because the most bottom blocks will be removed as new top blocks appear. If you like the game Leap: Endless Run in AR, I think you are going to enjoy this one as well.

The part of the jumping is fun, I have to admit, but other than that the game is not rewarding at all. Games like this, AR or not, must have a rewarding system and a leaderboard so people can be proud of their achievements. As it is right now, I really don’t plan to spend time with this game more than I did. I hope those things will be added in the future.

The game requires iOS 11.0 or later. You can download the game free from the AppStore here.