AR Stacky Jump Sushi Tower – Game Review (iOS)

AR Stacky Jump  Sushi Tower is a simple yet very challenging jumping arcade game which is all about timing. It’s similar to AR Robot Runner,  but with more fancy and interesting theme and funny-looking characters.


The gameplay is simple. Sushi pieces will come from different directions towards your character. You need to tap on the screen to make your character jump and land on it. It’s basically an endless game, with a goal to try to stack up sushi pieces as high as you can without falling. Once fail and it’s game over and you’ll need to start playing from the beginning.

Good use of Physics

AR Stacky Jump also obeys the rule of physics well, so if you land on the corner of the sushi you might fall down. You can also jump over a piece and still continue playing.  The physics actually make the game quite hard, because you need to time it just right, unlike AR Robot Runner where you can land on the edges and still continue playing.

I also liked the characters physics, which created some funny moments after you made a wrong jump. That added touch of humor definitely helped to make the game more entertaining than other similar AR games that I’ve played.

Can only be played vertically

AR Stacky Jump Sushi can only be played in vertical device orientation. This makes the game even more difficult because of the limited field of view. There were many times where I just missed a very fast moving sushi piece. I thought maybe it’s better to get a bit far from the character so I can clearly see the incoming pieces, but then I lost the 3D perspective and couldn’t see when I suppose to jump on the incoming pieces. The only way was to stand up far above the game, but that wasn’t such a good experience.

It turned out to be quite entertaining

13 best score in AR Stacky Jump game
My best score as of the time of writing.

I have to admit that this is probably the more entertaining block-style jumping games that I’ve played, mainly because of the funny looking characters and the sushi theme. It definitely got my interest because of this, the screenshots looked very attractive, and tasty as well.

After many tried, I was able to score 13 points, 20 below the top player. This means that currently am the 2nd best player in the world, good feeling. That gave me pride at first until I saw that I am only among 23 players who played the game, so I got less excited about my achievement. The game also just released, so I’m pretty sure many players will push me way back to the bottom in a few days.

Unlock new characters

Unlockable Character skins for AR Stacky Jump game
Unlockable Character skins for AR Stacky Jump game

Players can also unlock new types of cool-looking characters using coins which you obtain during the game (coins appear on some sushi pieces) and when watching ads. I first thought that this game is going to spam ads like crazy, but it was actually bearable and felt more fluent than some recent arcade games that I’ve played.


I am not a big fan of these type of Flappy Bird -style difficult arcade games, but this one was balanced quite well. If you want to know what is an insanely difficult arcade game, try out Squishy Hoops. Play it and come back to me and tell me if you liked it.

AR Stacky Jump is definitely wasn’t that exciting as an augmented reality game, but it turned out better than I thought it would be, mainly due to the beautiful graphics, the sushi theme, the funny-looking characters, and animations

You won’t miss a lot if you don’t play it, but if you like these type of simple and challenging one-tap style games, I think you are going to enjoy this one.

P.S. sorry for the poor set for the gameplay, I’m sick, so I stayed in the room for a few days.