Hoop Shooting AR game

Free Throw AR – Crazy Hoop Shooting AR Game

I didn’t expect Free Throw AR to be so much fun, but this ARKit game is just insane. It’s basically a hoop-shooting augmented reality game where you throw a basketball into a miniature backboard.

However, it’s not your casual AR hoop shooting game like AR Sports Basketball, AR Basketball, Pumpkin Basketball, NBA AR app or the slightly twisted basketball AR game, AR Dunk.

Here’s a gameplay video, have fun!

This game makes you feel like a pro, without even moving around. You can dribble, do jump shots, toss, make combos, and more. You get points based on how you play, so make sure you pull out some superstar moves to get the most points.

The game features cool hip-hop tracks, cool sound effects, commentary, crowd sound and great visual effects that further enhance the overall experience and make you totally pumped each time you start a new game. You can unlock new courts and skins for your balls. The game feels like it has a decent progression system that rewards the player for his great plays.

Download the game here for iOS and have fun. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more amazing content.