Hard mobile game

The Hardest AR Mobile Game I’ve Ever Played

I’ve already reviewed the game Squishy Hoops. Let’s say that it was not my cup of tea. This mobile AR game is insanely hard. However, yesterday took a break from doing something and I wanted to play something with a short gameplay session, and of course, this game was perfect for that because of the average gameplay session is just a few seconds.

Yes, sounds odd, but if you’ve played the game Flappy Bird, you probably know what I’ve talked about. However, even with Flappy Bird, you get a relatively “long” gameplay session compared to this game. It’s like the developer has decided to make the hardest game in the world and make our life a hell playing it.

Here is a video of me being able to reach score 12!

Well, I have to admit that this time around, I was able to do much better than before. Yes, I’ve played it for a few minutes, and trust me, a few minutes is a long time to play this game. You can get better when playing it for a few minutes, because how short the average gameplay session is.

If you want to play and like playing mobile games that have very high difficulty, well, download Squishy Hoops and try it out, but you have been warned, this is a very hard game and you might be fed up with it after a few seconds. There are some people who will find this game to offer a great challenge, others will just suffer and just quit. The best way to know to which group you belong is just downloading it and try it yourself.

Good luck! (you’ll need it)