Pumpkin Baskteball

Pumpkin Basketball Review (iOS)

Today I came across yet another hoop shooting basketball- ARKit game called Pumpkin Basketball. I had a chance to play quite a few hoop shooting games like that, including NBA AR app, AR Sports Basketball, and AR-Basketball. My favorite was NBA AR app because of the excellent ball and hoop physics and the arcade gameplay style and visual effects.

A Cool Basketball Game for Halloween

As you can figure out by the name of the game, this game was released for Halloween. Instead of shooting basketball balls you throw pumpkins instead. By the way, this game’s UI really reminded me another game that I’ve played before called Paper Bin AR. It has the same exact UI for the highscore, the same colorful rings on the floor that tell you the difficulty. However, this game was developed by Spooky House Studios UG and Paper Bin was developed by SH Limited. Maybe SH means Spooky House and this is the same developer. Anyways, let’s move on.

The game design is really nice with the pumpkins on the floor and the different pumpkin design for the ball. There are 12 different pumpkins that you can throw towards the basket (most of them cost coins, which you get while playing or through buying from the store for real money). The basket itself also has a funny wallpaper on it and I like that it was made semi-transparent, kind of a ghostly look.

I also really liked the spooky effects and the enchanting music, which is perfect for a  Halloween-themed game. The developer made sure the camera stream is made dark so the game will look more creepy and so the colors will glow brightly in the dark and they really look nice. The problem is that if you play it in the dark, ARKit will have a problem to detect a surface, so this is why it was smart dimming out the background so it will appear dark. You can see in the gameplay video, I play it in daylight and it looked like I played it in the evening.

There is a very nice effect of bats getting out of the hoop when you put the ball in the basket. It looks even better when you get to put several balls one after the other and you can see many bats flying out together at the same time.

Physics and Gameplay Experience

Unlike the terrible physics in AR-Basketball, in this game, the physics was really good. I almost could feel the weight of the pumpkin and it was really funny to see the pumpkins smashing against the floor, especially after seeing the funny faces they have.

Spawning the basket was very quick. You can even play the game on your bad as it doesn’t require a lot of space. Of course, it’s more fun and challenging trying to shoot from a bit further away from the basket, rather than up close.

The game features an online global leaderboard for the day you are playing and for the specific country you are playing from.

For each shot you put in you get coins and the number of coins that you get depends on the distance you are shooting from  You can also spend 10 coins to clean the area from pumpkins if they pile up too much.

It really felt the same as Paper Bin AR but with a Basketball hoop instead of a paper basket. Paper Bin AR was nice, but I enjoyed this one better because I prefer this type of physics in a throwing game. It’s really a fun game for Halloween but not a really exciting AR game. The game is free on the App Store and I do recommend downloading it and having fun with it. A nice casual iOS ARKit game for Halloween.