Pool in AR

8 Pool Game in AR – Kings of Pool Game Review (Android / iOS)

Today I went to the park to play Kings of Pool AR mode. Kings of Pool, Uken Studios, Inc., is one of the most popular and most authentic mobile pool games on the app store and google play. It’s AR mode is just brilliant. I’ve played it for quite some time now and it’s on my phone (OnePlus 6) and tablet (iPad 9.7-inch) wherever I go.

Today I was sick, so I’ve decided to take a little walk to relax and breath some fresh air at the park. Once I got there, I’ve decided that instead of just sitting, I’ll pop my Kings of this Pool game and play it. Now if I already play it, why not bring you a full review and sharing my experience with it, and that’s what I did.

The game has two main game modes: Practice and vs AI.  Versus AI is my favorite, where you can play versus an AI companion called “Scratch”. This cute robot plays really good, so you better play well if you want to win against him.

The gameplay is super fun, the physics are spot on and the game looks great in augmented reality (AR). It mixed so well with the environment, that I thought that I’m actually playing a pool game near a real table. If it wasn’t for the lack of haptic feedback and tactile feeling, I could have sworn that this is a real pool table in front of me.

This is one of the must-have augmented reality games. Even if you are not a fan of the game, I recommend trying it out, but between us, who don’t love poo, it’s such a fun game.

There are ways to improve the overall experience like adding more types of characters, preferably with voice acting, add setting options to customize the gameplay experience (e.g. trick shots), play vs real players online, etc. That being said, this is a great first step and I understand that it was designed not as a standalone experience, but just as a complementary mode for the full-pledged non AR game which is fantastic by itself. I do hope that this will lead to a more complete AR pool gameplay experience but it doesn’t take away from the fact that this is by far the best pool augmented reality experience to date.

I highly recommend downloading. The game is free on the App Store and Google Play, have fun!