How to Directly Access Dvoshansky’s Flying Face Filter With a Link

The first thing I recommend is to follow Dvoshansky on Instagram. This direct link that I am about to share with you is a way to access the ‘Flying Face‘ game directly through a link. I used this method sometimes when I have tons of filters in the list and I can’t found a specific filter. I just use the direct link instead.

However, as of the time of writing, many people are having issues finding the game in the filter list because the game’s icon is just not there, this due to some issues with the Instagram app as of the time of writing this article.

This is why I’ve decided to share it with you so it might help you out and you can play the game with those issues still in place. I made this page because it’s easy for users to translate it to different languages using Google Translate compared to making a video and making lots of CC which will take me forever.

It also allows you to download the filter temporarily to your Instagram app without following Dvoshansky. I recommend following Dvoshansky to get the filter permanently in the filter list and of course to be able to access all his other filters and filters that he will release in the future.

Some translations for those who don’t read English.

[Malay] Ketik pautan ini dan ia akan membuka penapis ‘Flying Face’ dalam aplikasi Instagram anda secara langsung.

[Fillipino] I-tap ang link na ito at buksan nito ang ‘Lumilipad Mukha’ na filter sa iyong Instagram app nang direkta.

[Chinese] 点击此链接,它将直接在Instagram应用程序中打开“Flying Face”过滤器。

The short link to Dvoshansky’s Instagram filter is:

All you need to do is to enter this URL in your mobile phone browser or just click this link on the same phone that Instagram app is installed, and it will open up the Instagram app (you might need to choose how to open it from a list in a popup notification) and will show you the game. I hope this one works for you, although I can’t guarantee that this method will solve the issue that you can’t see Flying Face game after following Dvoshansky. If it works great, if it’s not, I am working to find out some other workaround that might work. Stay tuned and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos.