IG filters bug

Instagram filters not showing up – Waiting for a Fix

Many people are reporting issues not seeing the filter button (icon) in their Instagram app. This brought into my attention while people were trying to play Flying Face and searching for the filter. Some uninstalled and reinstalled Instagram and this solved the issue, same for me.

The problem is that some of those who uninstalled the Instagram app and reinstalled it, couldn’t see the filter button anymore, it’s just not there. It happened to me as well. I gave it a minute but it didn’t appear (sometimes it takes a few seconds for the filter button to appear after installing IG app).

I also reinstalled Instagram because I had a problem not seeing new filters in the filter drawer. I had the same issue, I didn’t see the filter icon and I made sure I have the latest version for my Android (same as you should do for iOS).

Nothing solves, I tried uninstalled and install it again and nothing helped. The only thing that brought the filter button/icon back was enrolling as a beta tester (I did it on Android) and then updating Instagram to receive the beta version and then the filter button appear.

Apparently, there are some issues with the Instagram app. I’ve read from an unofficial source that Instagram is aware of it and it’s working on a fix. Again, nothing official from Instagram itself, but from a Spark AR developer who mentioned that in an Instagram comment.

If you are among those who experience the issue, what I do suggest is to try the beta enrollment and see if it solves the issue for you, or wait for a fix. I know some of you want to play the Flappy Bird Instagram filter game and due to this problem, you can’t.

It’s not the first time I myself encounter a problem and all I can hope that Instagram will find a solution and fix the IG filter button issue fast. People also reporting not being able to download new filters even if the filter drawer is enabled for them. Again, quite a few issues that Instagram needs to investigate and solve.

If there is news and it works for me, I’ll share it with you.