BoomBoom Selfie game

BoomBoom! Selfie Game Instagram Filter

I know it’s been a while. A week ago I’ve decided to do something different. I’ve decided to start making my own AR creations and after thinking to myself, I decided to start with Instagram/Facebook filters, as those are accessible and easier to develop. I haven’t developed for quite some time, but I was excited to make my first AR creation that I’ve developed from the ground up all by myself.

This Instagram filter is called “BoomBoom! – The Selfie Game“. As its name suggests, it’s an interactive filter, a game, but one that plays using the user’s face.

In this game, there is a cute little alien in a spaceship which you control using your eyes. Each blink rotates the alien’s spaceship between the left eye, right eye, and mouth area. The spaceship can also shoot a laser, which happens when players open their mouth.

Bombs will fall from the top, above the user’s head. There are three lanes as I mentioned, and bombs will fall in each one. It’s up to the player to navigate the spaceship so it is aligned with the lane where bombs are falling and then players will need to open their mouth in order to shoot the bombs. The shooting prioritizes the lowest bomb in the lane.

For example, if two bombs appear in the left lane (right eye lane), players will need to navigate the spaceship so it is located in the right eye of the user and then open their mouth to shoot. The first shot will eliminate the bomb at the lowest part of the screen, a secondary one will eliminate the second bomb in the upper part.

This is an endless shooter with increased difficulty. If a bomb reaches the ground area it lowers 10% of the user’s health. If the user’s health reaches 0, it’s gamer over.

I’ve added a STAR for bonus points, STREAK (if you hit many bombs very fast in a sequence) which gives bonus points and there is a NUCLEAR bomb power-up that eliminates all the bombs on the screen and it’s available at a certain score onwards.

It’s a simple game and one that I’ve developed in order to learn how to develop using Spark AR Studio. I prefer learning by starting with a project, as this motivates me and I am searching for solutions on the go, and this is how I learn. I also preferred a game in order to encounter many difficulties as this is an interactive IG filter that requires a lot of programming code. In fact, 99.9% of the game was done purely using scripting with a very small use of the Patch editor.

I also want to experiment with other types of features in Spark AR Studio, but I had to start with something.

I was very excited to start my own AR project. I intend to continue learning more tools and create more cool Instagram filters, and other types of AR apps for other platforms as well.

I hope you will find Boom Boom! selfie game fun and entertaining. Again, this is my first AR app ever, and I will continue learning and improve. I am only 1 week in which included learning and developing this filter and other 2 (which I will release later on), so it was intense, but there is much more to come.

How can you unlock and play BoomBoom! Instagram game?

The filter is available on Instagram. To unlock BoomBoom! the selfie game, all you have to do is follow me on WOW! filters on Instagram and you’ll get this Augmented Reality filter game.

I will appreciate if you can share it with your friends so more people can know about my work. As I mentioned there are more cool filters to come, so follow me on both Instagram and Facebook so you can get my future filters automatically once I released them.

Special thanks for all my Patreon supporters who keep supporting my work and help me reach the point where I can actually develop things like that. Thank you!!!

I also review filters on WOW! filters those who are made by other developers. I love AR filters and this is why I’ve decided to dedicate a great deal of my time to review them and create them.

P.S. If you find any bugs or want me to add more features, drop me a line and I’ll check it out. Thank you.