eye blinking game

Eye Blinking IG Game – Great way to play Selfie Games

I tried out quite a few IG filter games before, but one that uses eye blinking as a way to control a character, I think that is a first for me. I’ve seen Spark AR developers using the eyes winking event as a way to initiate certain effects or when users raise their eyebrows but blinking with the eyes to move a character like with Flying Face (Flappy Bird IG game), this is the first time I see this.

I’ve read some comments that Dvoshanky wrote about why he decided to use eye blink and not something else. According to a discussion in the Spark AR community, he also tried other types of triggers for the Flappy Bird movement, including up-down head movement and mouth opening. He let some followers test things out and gathered feedback.

According to what I’ve read, based on that feedback, he understood that the most comfortable and fun way to play based on users feedback was the eye blinking.

I actually wanted to try it myself, so without playing Flying Face, I just nodded my head for a minute then I tried opening my mouth and then blinked. I came to the same conclusion. I actually hated opening my mouth the most, and up-down head movement wasn’t comfortable either, it actually caused me dizziness and it was a bad experience playing while moving your head. Even if you can make it with small movements, blinking by far was the less tiring or annoying of those three.

I’ve read some comments about people asking Dvoshansky why blinking, they actually prefer other ways. Dvoshansky could have actually designed the game with several control options and let users choose which one they prefer. I think it’s possible using Spark AR, but I’m not 010% sure

Even if it was, it’s not like a regular game, and the cool factor here is that people will talk about that eye blink Instagram game, rather than yet another Flappy Bird game, it’s that flappy bird game with cool eye blinking facial gesture control. Something interesting to write about as well.

I remember the first time I’ve tried the game. I told myself that it’s just not possible that people will actually blink 100 times straight, but people proved me wrong, hell yeh they prove me wrong. Although my personal best score is pretty bad, around 15 points (I am improving ROFL), I’ve seen players rocking more than 500 points, even one of the highest score on record from what I’ve seen was around 740 points, crazy, absolutely crazy.

Imagine how many times those people need to blink to get to that score. I have eye ache just by thinking about it, let alone do it myself. The funny thing is that some people recorded their look in images and videos after achieving a very high score and you can see on their face that they are exhausted. They look at the camera like saying “Thank god it’s over”, not like “OMG, I broke a world record playing Flying Face!”.

I’m sure many Spark AR developers will get inspired creating more games making use of the eye blinking as a way to control things in games. There are so many cool things you can create with Spark AR and having facial gestures as a way to control character in an IG game allows developers to create unique games, ones that for many of us, this is the first time we experience gameplay like that. Bye bye tapping and hand gestures, welcome facial gestures!

Another thing that makes facial gestures like eye blinking useful in these type of IG selfie games is when a multiplayer feature is enabled and people can see who they are playing with or against, it will be fun seeing other people making faces as they face, whether using their mouth, eyes, eyebrows and doing funny faces.

Flying Face eye blinking game was definitely one of the most inspiring ones for me and this is yet another reason why I like it so much. Thank you Dvoshansky for making it.