cheat in flying face

How to Cheat Flying Face for High Score?

Well, I don’t know if the thing that I’m about to share with you is a cheat, but if you consider the fact that controlling your blinking in Flying Face takes some time to get used to and it can cause some eye strain after some time, maybe you’ll cause this workaround a cheat.

I’ve just seen a video on Facebook of a player that instead of blinking with this eyes, just put his fingers in front of his eyes and close them to hide and reveal his eyes to the camera. For each eye, you hold two fingers, one finger above the eye and the second below it. When the game stars, you do with both hands, pinch to hide your eyes and open the fingers to reveal them.

Here is the video from Facebook.

Spark AR doesn’t distinguish between whether your eyes are actually closed or you have hidden them using your fingers, it detects that as closed eyes. This way, you can actually cheat and not play Flying Face as it was intended to play, I mean, the way the character was designed to be controlled.

I thought about it, and I think it wouldn’t take long until someone will create a computer program that will detect the location of the bird and the gap between the poles and will generate an image of a person blinking based on that data to get our little Flappy Bird fly for eternity.

I’m sure there are people who already searching for a way to cheat in this game in order to get a very high score. That happens in many games, not just Instagram filter games. I’ve seen many videos on YouTube of how to cheat in Flappy Bird, so this game isn’t much different, it’s actually based on the same game but just with a different way to control the character.

It will be very hard to catch cheaters in those type of games because Spark AR needs to distinguish between a real person and a generated image, but for Spark AR, they are the same. This way, people can generate a video that can cheat in games. You might think it’s crazy, but some people like cheating in games for many reasons.

I also tried it myself and it does work. I wouldn’t share it otherwise. You can try it yourself and tell me if it worked for you as well. Good luck!