Snapchat version of Flying Face

Is there a Snapchat version of IG Flying Face game?

I’ve been asked if I know if there is a Snapchat version of dvoshansky’s Flying Face Instagram game. Fro my knowledge, there isn’t. I assume if there was a Snapchat version, Dvoshansky would have written about it on his Instagram. Some develop filters for both Snapchat and Instagram, so it’s not uncommon to see developers releasing their filters to different platforms. However, many developers prefer to focus on a single platform, as it takes time to learn a second platform and develop for it.

I think there is a Flappy Bird-inspired game as a Snapchat lens, this was done before, but not something that Dvoshansky did. Furthermore, people want to play a Flappy Bird game with the blinking controls, same as the Flying Face game that they cherish and love.

Maybe Dvoshansky will bring it to Snapchat in the future. It would be great having this game available on as many platforms as possible. There are many users who use Snapchat as their main social app, not Instagram and this is why they prefer playing it there where all their friends and followers are, it’s understandable.

Maybe someone else will pick up the idea and make it but I think many people will probably prefer having a Dvoshansky take on it, wouldn’t you?

Well, if I know anything about a Flying Face Snapchat lens by Dvoshansky, I’m sure to share it with you on my blog. I recommend following dvoshansky’s Instagram profile even if you are not usually active on IG, just to check out from now and then and see whether he publish a post or a story with some interesting news regarding other platform releases, like Snapchat.