can't stop playing flyingface

Blinking, Flying, Winking Bird – No, it’s Flying Face!

It’s the third day that I’m playing Blinking Bird, I mean, Flying Bird, wait no, Flappy Bird; wait, that’s the original, oh wait, yes, Flying Face. Oh yeh, it’s Flying Face, I always get confused LOL. Sometimes I just call it “That blinking Instagram game”  or “Winky Bird” or “Blinky Bird” :).

So what happened to me that a single Instagram filter got me playing hours in the past couple of days? Honestly, I don’t know.  After I followed dvoshansky and downloaded to my Instagram app, I first didn’t play it. I reviewed other filters, effects, and masks and then I’ve decided to give it a go.

The thing is that I played the original game but I was so bad that I just decided to move on. This didn’t happen with Dvoshansky’s Flying Face. This one got me so addicted. I asked my self what is in that flying bird game that makes it so addicting. Maybe because it’s very difficult and challenging, maybe because the blinking part is fun, I don’t know. Maybe it’s all and other things that I am not aware of. Bottom line is that I enjoy it.

Blinking wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be to be completely honest. I first thought that like hand fatigue in augmented reality games, in this IG filer game that requires eye winking, I will get eye fatigue and I wouldn’t be able to hold on for a minute straight.

The thing is that 1 minute is a long time playing Flappy Bird, I mean, Blink eye bird, oh yeh, Flying Face. My average gameplay session length is about 20 seconds, honest. I remember the original Flappy Bird being very hard as well.  I am so bad in this game, that I am nowhere being close to getting to eye fatigue. My best score is I think 12 points, laugh, but really, I am so bad in this game.

I saw people winking their way to more than 500 points. Imagine how many blinking you need to do to get to that score, it’s insane. Seeing the top players playing it and reaching 600 and 700 points, I’m sure that they had to take a break from blinking and rest for a few hours.

There is also something fun watching other people play the game. It’s amazing seeing people playing a game. You usually don’t see that, because unless people stream a game, what you see is just the screen. But in the case of Flying Bird, I mean Flying Face, you can see all the people who play the game, and it’s just fun. I’ve also seen some Flying Face funny moments video, more like IG stories where people share their hilarious moments playing the game, not just them, but also animals. The game doesn’t work on animals, but they try and it leads to funny Instagram story videos.

I don’t know when I would stop playing, but as of the time of writing, I’m still playing Flying bird, I mean Flappy Bird, oh man, Flying Turkey, whatever—and I am getting better.

After about one hour of straight gameplay, I got into the rhythm. I know how to fly the bird kind of straight but I always fail when I need to dive down or quickly elevate the bird up to pass between the gap of the pillars. This why I practice and practice. I don’t think that I’ll ever get to have such a high score in Flying Face like those top player who reached hundreds of points, but I am striving to get to 100 if I can. If I reach 100 points, I think that I’ll that I beat the game against all odds. I put my own goals to myself.

Regarding the design of Flying Bird, I mean Flying Face, I personally would like to see some more interesting designs, instead of a bird, maybe a flying donkey or flying elephant and a different level design. Maybe seeing the level design change as you progress, something that encourages you to keep on and breaking your record just to get to a certain level. And that level will mean something. So for example, if you pass the 1000 points you get to a space level. Flying Face players won’t know what’s next but it will encourage them to strive until they get to a level with a change in design and then they’ll enjoy sharing it with others on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

I also wish that Flying Face will be released on Facebook and Snapchat as well, although I read somewhere that there is a version of Flappy Bird on Snapchat, but something different than this.

You know, when I first played Flying Face, I was like “Oh, not again, please nooooo.“, but after two minutes, I was like “Yes, oh my god, almost, again, again, again!“. It’s amazing how you move from thinking you won’t like the game and totally addicted to it.

Anyways, going back to play and see if I can break my own little high score record, wish me good luck.