Flying Face FAQ

Flying Face Game Questions & Answers

In this article, I will answer some of the common questions regarding Dvoshansky’s Instagram game ‘Flying Face‘, the ‘Flappy Bird’ Instagram filter, which is a game.

Here are some frequently asked questions. I’ll try to give clear answers to those questions and if I had more, I will add them here on this page in the future.

Q: What is ‘Flying Face’?
A: ‘Flying Face’ is the name of the Instagram filter game that plays similar to Flappy Bird.

Q: Is Flying Face made by the same developer of the original Flappy Bird
A: No. It made by an Instagram user dubbed ‘dvoshansky’ and he was inspired by Flappy Bird.

Q: How can I get Flying Face (Flappy Bird) Instagram filter?
A: Follow dvoshansky’s Instagram filter at, the filter will appear in your filter drawer on the Instagram app

Q:  What the difference between the original Flappy Bird and Flying Face?
A: Flying FAce was designed by a different developer, Dvoshansky. It’s an Instagram filter, therefore you don’t need to download it as an app, it runs within Instagram. you control the bird by blinking with your eyes, it supports two players playing at the same time on the same iOS/Android smartphone, the birds have the face of the user. There is no global leaderboard in Flying Face, so make sure you save a screenshot or record a video of your achievement.

Q: How can I download Flying Face?
A: It will be downloaded automatically as a filter to your filter drawer once your follow dvoshansky. There is no need for .apk or download a specific app from the App Store or Google Play, just having an Instagram app installed on your mobile device.

Q: Is my high score being saved playing Flying Face?
A: From my knowledge, the filter doesn’t save the score. Keep a screenshot or video to show off your amazing blinking skills.

Q: Can I play Flying Face (Instagram Flappy Bird) game in a different way other than blinking?
A: No.

Q: I can’t see Flying Face in my Instagram filter list, even after I followed dvoshansky, how can I fix this?
A: There are a few things that worked for some people. Try updating the Instagram app or uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app on your phone

Q: Is ther a direct link to the Flappy Bird Instagram game so I can try it out without following?
A: I do recommend following dvoshansky because you get the filter permanently in the filter list, you get the previous filter and future ones as well. It’s also a way to support the developer’s effort in bringing you great content. Just in case, here is a link.

Q: What is the highest score achieved by players playing Flying Face?
A: As of the time of writing, from what I was able to find, it’s 745 by @bryanchang1988, but keep in mind that this might be changed and there might be other players who passed that score and I haven’t encountered it. The record can be broken every single second. Watch dvoshansky ‘Flying Face Top’ story for the latest high scores.

Q: Where is the Flying Face filter icon located?
If you just followed dvoshansky, it should be located as one of the most left ones. Sometimes after following it takes a few seconds until the Instagram app refreshes the filter list. So give it a few seconds.

Q: Does Flying Face Support two players?
A: Yes, invite a friend and play on the same device together. If one fails, the other one can continue. You can also use the same mode competitively. One fails, the other wins. No separate mode for it.

Q: Can I pause Flying Face game during gameplay?
A: Not that I know of. I also wanted to do that just to give my eyes a break. However, if you take a photo, the game starts from the beginning. If you find a way, by all means, tell me.

Q: Does Flying Face available for Android or iOS?
A: Again, it’s an IG filter, so all you need is the Instagram app installed on your phone. Instagram app is available for both iOS and Android, so it will work on both.

Q: Is Flying Face free?
A: Yes, just follow dvoshansky and get the filter free of charge, like all other filters.

Q: How can I let dvoshansky know about my high score?
A: You can get your high score features on his ‘Flying Face Top’ story by tagging him using ‘@dvoshansky’ in your story and put an image or video of your gameplay there.

Q: Does dvoshansky has more Instagram games that he developed?
A: As of the time of writing and from what I know, only ‘Flying Face’ is available. He has more filters, but those are Instagram face masks and effects, not IG games.

Q: Does Flying Face also works on Facebook?
A: I tried visiting the Facebook effect with the same Id of flying face but it didn’t work for me. So for my knowledge and as of the time of writing, no.

Q: Does Flying Face available as a Snapchat lens?
A: Not that I know of.

Q: How can I make a ‘Flying Face’-like game?
A: Flying Face was developed using a development platform called Spark AR Studio. You can use this platform to create filters for Facebook and Instagram. However, as of the time of writing, you need to signup for the beta to gain access to be able to publish on Instagram, but in Summer, it will go open beta and you’ll be able to use it if you haven’t got any access until now. Visit the official Spark AR community for more information.

Q: When ‘Flying Face’ was released on Instagram?
A: I Can’t recall the exact date but in May 2019. There might be earlier versions of the game released for testing before that date, but I don’t have enough information to verify that.

Q: Can I download Flying Face as an app?
A: No. At the moment, Flying Face is only available as an Instagram filter, thus require Instagram to work. Whether Dvoshansky plans to make it a standalone app? I have no information about that.

Q: How the Flying Face (Instagram Flappy Bird) game icon looks like, so I can find it in the filter list?
Here is an image that shows you how the icon of Flying Face filter looks like.

Flying Face game icon

More to come so stay tuned.