mixed reality kite flying game

Mixed Reality Kite Flying Game Idea

Yesterday I went to a Japanese garden. When I was there, I played a snake game review coming soon). the flow of the snake in mid-air was kind of similar to flying a kite.  At that moment I really wanted to have an augmented reality kite flying app. I thought that this can be a relaxing experience and something nice to do in an open space while being in that beautiful Japanese garden.

I am thinking about a mixed reality kite flying game for mobile, Magic Leap One, HoloLens 2 or nLeap. It’s better of course if the game plays using at least one, preferably two 6DoF controllers so people can have a more authentic kite flying experience. You can get inspired by VR kite flying games like Stunt Kite Master VR. There was actually an AR app called “Zilker Flyer” but it was retired from the App Store as the developer focus on another app.

It would be great having the option to use the real-world wind by assessing the recorded sound in real time. If spatial sound recording system exists, this shouldn’t be hard and even with stereo, it can be assessed by measuring the intensity of wind sound from both stereo channels.  You can use API to grab local weather info and use the wind data or just use virtual pre-defined wind forces.

It shouldn’t be a difficult app to develop for mixed reality and I think that many kids will enjoy playing it. Of course, you can add cool arcade-style features and make it a cool game, maybe add some kite fights local multiplayer. It’s just a sneak pick to ignite developer’s interest if anyone finds it interesting.

I really enjoyed the snake game’s controls and it reminded me of flying a kite, and I imagine that if I had a similar game with more authentic kite flying physics, I would definitely enjoy playing such a game. Imagine several kids outdoors all playing locally at the same time or just flying kites. They can see their friends’ kites and their friends can see them. Allow custom size, shape and design customization or make a game where players can unlock different kites. If it’s an arcade game, create some cool abilities like wind blowing even shooting with the goal to take down the other players health to zero and be the only one controlling the sky. You can do it with airplanes as well, this will be super cool, but kites are amazing as well 🙂

Oh, if you are developing for the Oculus Quest, this can be so cool as we have 2 controllers which will make it an authentic and fun experience.

That’s all, if you like that idea, make it. Good luck.