Snake AR game in Japanese garden

Playing Augmented Reality Snake Game in a Japanese Garden

Yesterday I was heading to a nice place to shoot some AR app reviews. I went on the wrong train that headed to the airport. I’ve decided to go down the moment I realized that I am out of the route. There were two options, go back or try to see if there is anything interesting in the area—I’ve chosen the later.

I saw that there is a nice big garden near Daise Kofun. The Daisen Kofun is a burial mound in Sakai, Japan. The mound, or kofun, is considered to be the largest grave in the world by area.

I went there and then I saw this beautiful Japanese garden. I’ve decided to enter and make the review there. I actually started filming before I entered the garden, in a little dense tree area.

This Japanese garden in Daisen Park is a traditional Japanese garden featuring beautiful traditional Japanese landscape design and architecture that were developed since ancient times. The Tsukiyama Rinsen Kaiyu style garden is a great example of a traditional Japanese garden. I got to that area by mistake and happy that I discovered it. This garden features mounds, ponds, and beautiful water streams. There is even a beautiful rest house which is very relaxing and I spent time there just doing nothing, enjoying the beautiful scenery in front of me. If you ever get to Sakai area, make sure you visit this place.

NovaSnake game turned out as a little gem. I thought it’s going to be yet another boring AR take of the classic snake game. The game is designed well. It has beautiful colorful visuals, the snake movement and the orbs are animated beautiful that gives them an organic look and feel. The game requires moving around the environment and doesn’t impose any strict game area. I could just walk in the garden and continue playing as the game continues to generate mines and orbs in the real world space.

I really like the abilities, which are unlocked as you progress (e.g. shooting close mine, become invincible for 5 seconds). This makes the game more interesting and fun to play and allows users to enjoy rushing through a field of mines and collect many orbs without worrying about anything. The game has only one life, this means that if you intersect with a floating bubbly air-mine it’s game over.

I made quite a long video showing me trying to locate that garden after getting lost and playing the game in that beautiful Japanese garden. The review was recorded using my iPad (iOS), although later on, I’ve found that it is available for Android as well. Kind of amateurish from me, next time I’ll pay better attention.

The full video review is at the top of this article. It’s a fun augmented reality game, even if you are not a fan of the classic one, I think you’ll enjoy playing this one. Just make sure you play in a place with enough open space and always watch your surroundings.