Virtual and Natural

Magic Leap One outdoors in nature – So awe-inspiring

Alex Coulombe posted a video of him using the Magic Leap One outdoors, using the paint mixed reality app that comes with Magic Leap One. This video actually was quite spiritual and emotional to me. I looked at it as two entities meet, one is the nature, the millions of years of our earth existent, mixed together with human’s latest modern technological innovation. Past, present and future unique in such harmony.

Here is the video:

Isn’t it beautiful? I’ve seen lots of videos of people using this app indoors, and this is the first time I’ve seen someone tests it outdoors. The Magic Leap isn’t designed for outdoor use in general, but I just couldn’t ignore that video, it was so emotional to watch.

Looking at the Magic Leap One, such an advanced technology that in its core was designed to mix virtual content with our real world. This is shown so beautifully in the video. Alex was obviously using the controller, so he experienced this mixed reality hands-free, unlike current AR platforms which are handheld based.

I’m sure that feeling of going outside and seeing how the virtual is mixed with the real world was an awe-inspiring experience. I really want to try it myself but I can’t afford one. I’m sure that I would be ecstatic once I do get the opportunity to use such a device. I mean, I remember the first time I tried AR and how it blew my mind and made me create this blog and share my experiences. I am just a freak of these technologies, I just can’t explain, it fascinates me so much. Maybe one of my fantasies is living in a fantasy world where everything can happen, childhood fixation I guess. Whatever the reason, I am just crying with joy inside seeing these type of videos, I really am. I get so emotional all over again. This is why I was writing posts sharing my experiences like there is no tomorrow, I truly am fascinated by the Magic Leap One technology the more I see and read about it. First I wasn’t too excited, but the more I read and see, the more my enthusiasm is growing.

P.S. the image in the banner I took at Montreux, Switzerland, a while back.