Android AR basketball games

Android AR Basketball Games Compared – The Best One Is..

Yesterday I went to Dotonbori street to try out some AR games. I’ve decided to make that afternoon a street basketball augmented reality experience. I’ve downloaded 6 different basketball AR games on my Android device (ARCore enabled phone) to try them out.

Eventually, only 4 of them were playable, the other two didn’t work well. In fact, one of them didn’t even start, go figure. Anyways, the on that I did try are:

  • Real Basketball game – AR ARCore by BrandDesign
  • AR Basketball Game – Augmented Reality by Thunder Game Studio
  • NBA AR by NBA Properties, Inc.
  • AR Dunk: Augmented Reality Basketball Game by Scanta

I compiled a video that compares all those four games with some cool street outdoor basketball gameplay footage so make a coffee, sit down and enjoy.