Polygoons FPS AR Game

AR FPS Game for Android and iOS – Polygoons

In this video below I re-review a Low Poly augmented reality (AR) first-person shooter (FPS) game called Polygoons for Android and iOS. The review was made using my iPad (iOS). I first reviewed Polygoons in March 2018. Since then, the game has received several updates, solving some of the issues that I had, the balancing feels better, and overall it feels more fun. I still have a major issue with the game when I see users moving backward while trying to avoid enemies as they approach them, which can obviously lead to a risk when playing in an area with obstacles. I played it in a large open area outdoors, even then, I stumbled onto a tree behind me while moving back trying to shoot enemies while at the same time trying to get back away from them.

One way to solve this is putting a limit on how close an enemy can get to the user because when someone comes close to you and can hit you, it’s instinctive to just move back. Same goes to evading something and moving quickly to the sides. If you do want this type of mechanics, I do recommend at least giving the users move option to defend themselves, so moving back won’t be a very repeated movement pattern.  I do like the fact that the enemy can surprise you from below while you aim up high for the bats. Maybe if the game wasn’t punishing that much (some levels require no hit)from getting hit, I wouldn’t bother walking back so much.

Well, I do recommend watching the video review so you can fully understand what I mean and learn about the pros and cons of this first-person shooter (FPS) AR game.