Polygoons – Game Review (iOS)

Polygoons is a first-person augmented reality wave shooter. It tells the story of a planet where species have evolved to polgonal beings, whatever this means. Now those creatures have invaded earth for apparently no reason. Hey, don’t blame me for that nonsense, I just read the game’s description and even the developer has no idea why they game, so I can I.

LOLs aside, you okay as Scanta, a really awesome robot that was created in order to put an end fo that never-ending war against the Polygoons.

The gameplay is a straightforward shooter. You start with a single pistol and a grenade already unlocked and you can unlock more weapons, armor, and other items using coins that you obtain during and after each battle. Sometimes during the battle, you’ll see a small structure. You’ll have a limited time to destroy it and if you destroy and get close to it, you can obtain either a health pack or coins from it.

The characters are cute and I enjoy shooting at them. Still, they felt like mindless robot creatures without any interesting emotive persona. Some of the creatures spawn on the ground, others fly in the air. According to the developer, there are more than 24 unique enemies to fight against which vary in sizes.

The game is a 360-degree shooter, so the action happens all around you. If you suffer from dizziness with those types of augmented reality shooters, just so you know, you have a radar that shows you their location.

Let’s check out some gameplay action!

There was a funny moment where I turn around to see where the enemy is a shoot him, but couldn’t find it. 10 seconds later I looked down and there was a funny creature banging his head against my feet—this was definitely a funny moment.

After you fail, you get to see your total score, XP, level progression, total XP and gold earned.

The shooting mechanic works good, but the reloading time for the first gun was very annoying. Furthermore, it takes so much time to obtain gold, that even after an hour playing it straight I couldn’t get to unlock the second gun. I didn’t even find a way to buy coins or gems to expedite the progress so I can review those guns.

Speaking of guns, there are four guns in total. The first one which is a Laser Pistol you get from the get-go, the second is a plasma rifle which is locked an can be unlocked when you reach 18500 XP or buy it with 25 gems. The third (Pistol Two) and forth (Plasmagun) guns are in “Coming soon” stage, why? I have no idea. Players can equip two weapons of their choice. Other options in the armory include an Armor ( for 249,000 XP or 50 gems), Healtkit (for 111,000 XP or 40 gems) and an already unlocked grenade which you can buy for 60 coins.

If you click your profile icon, you can see your total XP, level, high score, total kills, total playtime, best kill streak and kills per minute.

The game also has a global leaderboard, five of them actually, for High Score, Experience, Playtime, Total Kills and Kill Rate. There are no challenges.


I have this game some good time, but I got bored pretty quickly. If the game was more generous with rewards, I might have stayed to try to unlock new cool weapons and items. However, after some time shooting with the same annoying pistol, I just had enough and I’ve decided to quit. The game felt repetitive and not in a good way.

The game has no boss fights, just big dudes that come at you after some time during the wave.

Overall, the game is decent in the visual aspect but isn’t rewarding enough and lack the thrills to keep me engaged and entertained for the long run.

I’ve also encounter game breaking bugs where you can’t see the enemies and also tapping on the right side of the screen doesn’t trigger a shot for some reason, only the left side.

By the way, I’ve played that game in -6°C, and that didn’t help either. My fingers froze as I played it and I realized that it’s not easy to play AR games that you require holding the device without gloves in such a cold weather.

Polygoons is available for free on the App Store for iOS, you can download it here.