Virtual cake in augmented reality

Designing and Decorating Virtual Cakes in Augmented Reality

Well, today it was cake time. I’ve downloaded an app cooled AR Cake Baker by VR Littles, which is an app for kids which allows them to make cakes and decorate them, all of course virtually in augmented reality (AR).

Children can use this app to can with some crazy care decoration ideas without making a mess in the kitchen. According to the developer, AR Caker Baker app is a great way to encourage and develop the artist in your child. Well, I have to agree on that, it’s definitely a great way to get the child’s attention to create things and children like these type of creativity apps. This is a great way to deliver this type of experience using activities that children enjoy doing in reality.

AR Cake Baker is easy and intuitive, all of the interactions can be done while sitting or standing in the same place and just using simple touch gestures (e.g. swipe and tap) to interact with the features of this app. This includes grabbing ingredients to make the base for the cake, then put it in the oven, and once it’s ready, decorate it using a large selection of items, including sprinkles, stickers, candies,  icings, etc. These decorative elements make the plain cake more visually interesting.

After you are done with decorating the virtual cake in your mixed reality world, you can take a picture of it using the built-in camera app, cut it and eat it (virtually of course) and even smash it to pieces!

Well, make the cake of your dream, a wedding cake maybe, or just put a sugar paste with some candles and celebrate someone’s birthday.

An exciting augmented reality cake baking and decorating simulation game for kids. The app is free for both Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad). You can also upgrade the app to unlock many more cake decoration ingredients to make the most amazing virtual cake that you’ve always dreamed of.