Try On Shoes App

AR Shoe App – Try On Shoes at Home using Augmented Reality

AR Shoe App is a shopping helper app for iOS that allow users to try out Greyder shoes on their own feet at home while shopping online. You don’t actually try out the real physical shoe, but a 3D model of the real shoe.

When you start the app, it will scan the floor. Then users can scale and rotate the foot image so it fits their own leg. Then you can place a virtual shoe on your real foot and see how it looks. You can do it alone or it might be better to ask someone to do it for you. There is a built-in camera app that allows users to take a picture of the person wearing the shoe, so they can show it to them so they can see if it look good on them.

In the video below I used the app by myself. Keep in mind that when the shoe placed, it won’t move when you move your leg. AR Shoe App can vastly be enhanced using Computer Vision image recognition algorithm that can detect the entire leg of the person, track its movement and shape and then apply masking and anchor the shoe to the foot, so when users move their leg, the shoes will move with it. The reason masking is needed because it will produce better visual results. Imagine trying on some sandals with some straps.

Because in AR the virtual content appears on top of the camera video stream, the base of the shoe will appear on top of the foot. This isn’t what we want, we want only the straps to appear on top of the foot and the sole of the shoe to appear underneath it, completely or partially masked out. The end result should match the shoe to the foot perfectly without even having a need to resize or rotate the shoe. The computer vision algorithm will do that automatically, and this will lead to a better user experience.

Of course, you can’t measure comfort, but people who shop online for shoes, rely on other user opinions regarding things that they can’t try out themselves.

I find the user interface to be awkward to use, I first thought that the app isn’t working and I thought about quitting. Only later I found out that you need to tap once again to spawn the foot icon. Furthermore, the rotate and resize touch gesture implementation is awful, why not go with the standard rotation gesture instead of doing a reverse rotation. Also rescanning the surface every time you want to try out another shoe is annoying, it’s better to maintain the AR session.

Well, there are many things that can be improved in this app, but kudos to Greyder for making this shoe app available for shoppers.