Top 10 iOS Augmented Reality Apps for January-February 2018

In this post will take a look at 2018 January-February’s Top 10 latest must-have Augmented Reality apps for iOS. I’ve reviewed many apps and games in the previous month, and I’m pretty sure that there are some of them that you might have missed. This is why I write these type of posts, so you be updated with the best and latest AR iOS apps and you can try them out yourself.

All of the apps listed below were reviewed by me between January and the current date. These are the most noticeable and interesting apps that I reviewed here on AR Critic blog. I’ve also included two Merge Cube apps that although require an optional accessory, the Merge Cube, they definitely need to be on this list. You can purchase the Merge Cube from Amazon here.

Also, keep in mind that you can find gameplay videos in each review that I”ve linked in the description for each app. You can also check out many gameplay videos on my YouTube channel (don’t forget to subscribe as well).

OK, without further ado, let’s begin. The apps are listed in no particular order – Enjoy!

1. Create Fireworks in AR – Fireworks Builder AR

Fireworks in ARFireworks Builder AR is a really cool little app. This simple app had such a big impact on me. The main reason is that I love watching fireworks, and we don’t get to watch fireworks only during the holiday season. This is why I found this experience to be very entertaining. It’s still very limited and there are is only one type of Fireworks effect, still, I recommend downloading and checking it out. Fireworks is available free for iOS from the app store.

2. Shape-sorting Game for Kids – AR Block Tower

AR Block Tower mobile game for kids

AR Block Tower is a probably one of the better educational AR games that is suitable for the 4-7 age group. It was designed from the ground up for kids, without microtransactions, nor competitive aspect, or complex gameplay, and UI. It features simple gameplay controls, alongside cheerful and colorful puzzle solving experience that I am positive that kids will love—Recommended!

3. Angry Birds-like Game in AR – Rocket Cows

Cows waiting to fly with their rockets on their back

Rocket Cows is an explosive cow launching action game. A fantastic puzzler that is colorful, energetic and crazily amusing. Exploring different rockets is a great experience, especially considering they will end up being attached to crazy kamikaze cows—A must-have AR game, Get it!

4. Beautiful Tower Defense Game – Fury of the Gods AR

Sea shore in the game Fury of the Gods

Fury of the Gods AR is a fun and challanging 360-degree tower defense game that is more screen-tapping action-oriented than the other AR TD games that I’ve played. The game features very nice-looking maps alongside a variety of spells and defense items which create an interesting and dynamic gameplay experience. The idea was to let you feel like a powerful god, and I think that this is actually was smart to bring this type of game to AR, where you can actually feel like you are floating above the world, feel god like—Recommended.

5. Stunning Car Showroom AR App – W Motors App

W Motors Fenyr SuperSport car in augmented reality

W Motors App is a fantastic car showroom AR app. I have to admit, Visionaries 777 did a fantastic job with this app. The 3D visuals are detailed and look impressive when you view it in augmented reality. Even if you don’t plan to buy this car, I recommend downloading and trying it out. I really enjoyed walking around the car, changing its colors, opening the doors and inspecting the interior. It’s probably one of the more impressive real-time interactive car showroom apps I’ve used to date.

6. Elegant and Challenging AR Puzzler – Mazelith

Mazelith puzzle AR game

Mazelith employs the exact game design that made me fall in love with AR in the first place. The game is insanely addictive and so much fun to play, a perfect match for AR. The main downside is its limited amount of content. The game is free and I definitely recommend downloading it.

7. Addictive Competitive Multiplayer Game –

Playing in AR mode is the game the multiplayer AR that I wanted to play so much. The main downside is that the AR is a just a single mode in this game. Having said that, it’s nice having a standard mode, so you can play the game when you feel like not playing in AR. The game is immensely fun, challenging, rewarding and very addicting. It encourages practicing and raises strategic thinking. Hopefully, we get to see enhanced AR features in the near future—Highly Recommended.

The two next games require the Merge Cube, just keep that in mind.

8. Fantastic AR Adventure Game – 57° North

Each decision has consequences

57° North for Merge Cube tells a story in a unique and exciting way. The decision-making aspect of the game is done well, making good use of the Merge Cube’s design to deliver a unique and compelling AR experience like no other. A must-have game for any Merge Cube owner. I wish it was offered in other languages, not just English, so more people could enjoy this fantastic experience.

9. Challenging Ball Balancing AR Game – Tiltball

Protruding towers in the game Tiltball

Tiltball for Merge Cube is a wonderful game. It looks great and plays great. The Merge Cube is so much fun when playing with two hands and what’s better than a ball-balancing game to fuel up this enjoyment. Unforteiontely, what holds this game from being great is a lack of content, 3 levels are just not enough. Having said that, I think Tiltball is a showcase of the incredible capacity of the Merge Cube accessory to formulate an engaging and entertaining AR experienced.

10. Become a Jedi in AR – InstaSaber

InstaSaber iOS appInstaSaber is just an ingenious app. I Didn’t imagine that after reviewing so many AR apps, that I will be so fascinated with a little gimmicky app. The magic lies in its simplicity and AR technology utilization ingenuity. It’s a marvelous idea that just works so well in AR. Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, you’ll love that powerful feeling of holding this iconic and beautiful glowing sword in your hand. I just wish there was haptic feedback as well, it would make the experience even better—Highly Recommended!

I hope you enjoy going over the list and I’m sure you are going to have fun with a few of these apps and games.  Please don’t forget to follow my social channels (see list on the sidebar or footer on mobile). Great more reviews are coming, so don’t forget to come daily for some great dose of amazing AR experiences! – Cheers.