Trump Jump AR

Trump Jump AR – Game Review (iOS)

When I came across this game called Trump Jump AR, I thought it’s going to be just yet another gimmicky boring game, but it turned out to be an addicting platformer game. What caught my attention is the icon of the game on the App Store, and the screenshots were really nice and I thought this might be a fun game and I had to check it out.

What is Trump Jump AR?

Trump Jump AR is a casual ARKit game where you need to make Trump jump from platform to platform. You obtain points for each successful jump and based on the distance. Larger distance jumps will grant you with more points than short jumps. If you don’t land on a platform, it’s game over.

Trump Jump AR game screenshot
There is a nice visual effect when you land on a platform.

A Fun and Addicting Little Game

I’ve played similar games like this before: Bottle Flip Challenge ARLeap: Endless Run, AR Roboto Runner, and others.

The thing is that Trump Jump AR felt so much better because of three main things.

First of all, I really liked when each platform has a different look. So although the game has really anything but the character and the platforms to jump on, it still felt interesting on the visual aspect.

The platform shrinks like a sprin
When you tap and hold, the platform contract like a spring and then retract when you release it, pushing Trump into the air, hopefully making him land on the next platform.

The second thing that I really liked is the game mechanics. To make a successful jump, you need to press and hold and time the release so you land successfully on the next platform. The longer you hold it, the longer the jump. The platforms are squeezes like a spring and when you release they extend back to their original size.  Along with some lovely sound effect, the jumping part felt really fun and I got addicted to it really quickly.

Trump bangs his head against the platform
It made me smile and laugh when the character misses the platforms in different ways. Sometimes Trump falls on his face, sometimes he bashes his head against the platform, it’s pretty funny to see it.

The third thing is seeing the character (“Trump”) falling on the floor face down or getting his head banged again the platform, it was really funny to look at. It becomes even more hilarious if you try to imagine this character being “The Real Trump”. Of course like in all those “Trump” games, the world Donald doesn’t mention, but of course, we all know what was the attention of the developer calling the character in the game “Trump”.

Let’s check out some gameplay!

On the negative side, the game has a global leaderboard, but you can’t really see it. You can only see your global rank after failing.

The game is free to play, and I haven’t seen any adverts nor any microtransactions, just so you know.


Although it’s definitely not “The Best game of ARKit” as written on three of the game’s screenshot on the App Store, Trump Jump is a good game. I have to admit that I got really addicted to it, I found it hard to stop playing. I think that the developer, Chai Kefu, nailed the mechanics just right. The jumping part felt quite physical like you are bending a spring with your own hand and release it—this is the reason why it felt that good.

Trump Jump AR definitely felt much more fun to play than Leap: Endless Run, although in Leap the platforms are moving, whether here, the platforms are static. Furthermore, Unlike Leap where the platforms are just drawn straight, in this game the platforms are positioned within the scanned surface. For example, I played the game on the table in the living room, and the game spawned the platforms on the surface, not outside its bounds like in Leap.

Similar to Leap, this game is all about timing. Unlike Leap, in Trump Jump, you have more precise and sensitive control over the jumping part, which made the game more interesting and engaging to play.

It’s nice to have a casual ARKit game like this to kill time. The game is also funny at times and I think it could have been even more hilarious if the character had a face and have some different voice lines when he falls down. Still, the gameplay was able to put a smile on my face.

I also liked that it’s not like those very difficult games that you survive only for a few seconds. It gameplay flows better and it felt less punishing, similar to ARcade Plane, and this is another reason why I like it. The controls are precise and it takes some time to master the timing.

Overall, Trump Jump AR turned out to be a quite a nice surprise. I had low expectations, but I found myself enjoying it quite a lot. I definitely recommend downloading it and checking it out, a good casual ARKit game, funny, addicting and entertaining.

Download Trump Jump AR free from the App Store here.