Fireworks in AR

Fireworks Builder AR – App Review (iOS)

I’m always looking for some great Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. Today I found a really great one for you—it’s called Fireworks Builder AR.

Like you probably guessed, this app lets you create fireworks. The app is very simplistic, it gives you control on the charge size (the height of where the fireworks explode), the effect size and colors. Unfortionaltey there is no option to choose different fireworks effect other than the Brocade spider like effect.

Building firework rocket in AR at night
Building my own firework rocket in AR at night

Of course in real life we have many other types, like Chrysanthemum, Comet, Crossette, Pearls (My favorite), Waterfall, Flying Flash, Peony, Pistil, Rising Tail, Strobe, Tourbillion and Willow among others. This app would be so much more fun if there was an option to choose other types of fireworks effect. Who knows, maybe the developer will add more effects in future updates.

Choosing different fireworks size and colors
Choosing different fireworks explosion size and colors

So the interaction is minimal, but it’s all about being able to observe fireworks without needing to wait for a special holiday to enjoy this beautiful sight like waiting for 4th of July or Christmas.

A few months back, I think it was in February, I’ve played a VR game with fireworks called Pyro VR, it was a really fun experience. In that game, I was able to produce my own pyrotechnic fireworks show using various explosives. Fireworks Builder AR is a much more modest version of it. Of course, playing it in AR makes it feel different than watching it inside a virtual scene. I was actually more thrilled to see the fireworks in AR than I enjoyed seeing it in that VR game.

Check this out!

I highly recommend using this app at night. Just find a small place that is lit up so ARKit can detect a surface and to avoid jittering, and use it there.

I actually waiting to test it at night, because I knew it’s the best time to enjoy this type of augmented reality experience. The explosion effects look amazing against the dark night sky. Seriously, I just didn’t want to stop, because it felt so real.

Although building fireworks isn’t a complicated task in this game (I don’t know how it is in real life), you need to make sure that the charge is positioned where it should be, because, without it, you won’t be able to launch the rocket that carries the fireworks.


Overall, it’s a really unique experience that matches the AR medium perfectly.  On the negative side, it’s very limited and doesn’t offer many types of other fireworks effects. Bottom line, get it, it’s a limited app but overall a great AR experience.

Download Fireworks Builder AR app for free from the App Store here.