AR Dragon Game Review

AR Dragon is one of those games that I really wanted to play in AR. Virtual Pet Simulators are definitely making a comeback in AR and this is by far the most fun and immersive way to play those type of games.

In AR Dragon you get the opportunity to raise an adorable little virtual dragon. When you start the game you have the option to choose a dragon of your choice. After all, it is going to leave with you for quite some time, so it’s better to choose one that you like best. The first re-rolls are easy with one press of a button, but for the other, you’ll have to watch an add for each re-toll you make. You can enroll a common, epic or legendary dragons, each one looks different than the other so no two dragons will ever look the same.

Before we move on, let’s take a look at some gameplay┬á so you’ll know what to expect. Look how adorable this dragon is!

One everything is set up, it’s time to summon your dragon. Like many other AR games, all you need to do is let the game scan and locate some surfaces which you can summon the dragon on and bring it to your world. The game features a nice scan progression bar at the bottom of the game, which tells you if that surface is optimal for the game. You can spawn it even if it’s not optimal, but for best immersion, it’s better to spawn it either in “Playable” and preferably “Optimal” setting.

Once your dragon comes to life, it’s your responsibility to take care of all its needs. In this case, feeding him, playing with him and visit him often so it won’t get bored and upset. I played ball with him and it was so much fun. You throw the ball and the dragon uses his head to throw it towards your direction and now it’s your turn to do so as well. You can continue this one and on and it was really fun doing so. After some play time and feeding session, the game will reward you with purple triangles, which you can use to buy skins for your dragon to personalize his look. As your dragon grows, you’ll unlock new hats for it. You can still preview those hats and skins without unlocking or buying them by just tapping on the appropriate icon.

Black virtual dragon with pink head, AR Dragon game screenshot
Customize your dragon with new skins and cool-looking hats!

Each day you play your dragon will grow older and larger in size. I haven’t had the chance to see this happen as I just played it today. Of course I will visit my little dragon tomorrow as well, see how things are.

One of the things that really make this game so fun to play is that adorable dragon looks and behavior. I really liked how it shakes his little dragon tail, smiles and looks at me with his big blue eyes. I just felt a need to spend time with him and give him attention. Even my get doesn’t give me so much love and attention. By the way, if you watch my AR Dragon gameplay video, you can see my cat alongside my dragon, they look so cute together.

Cat looking at a virtual dragon in an augmented reality game
Even my cat shows some interest in my new dragon pet ­čÖé

It’s a cute game that every ARKit iPhone or iPad device owner need to experiment in first hand. I’m sure this game will be favorable by children, but I have to admit that I enjoyed playing it myself as an adult. I’m sure to visit my dragon tomorrow to see how things go and spend some time with him.

I played AR Dragon on my iPad. My main problem was that the iPad camera kind of zooms in. It has a narrower field of view than my eyes, so there is a feeling of disconnection between the real scene and the one projected on the device itself. It’s not the game’s problem, it’s just how games play on my iPad (9.8-inch 2017 model).

The graphics, animations and sound effects are really well made and really help to improve the immersion. I think it’s a must-have game for kids who are just experiencing AR for the first time. The game is available for free on the App Store, but it does feature optional microtransactions if you don’t have a lot of time and want to make sure your dragon looks unique and cool. Keep in mind that the more you play, the more purple coins you are going to get and you can use those to purchase items without paying a single cent.

I do wish there was an option for the Dragon to move around the house rather than just sitting in place or breath fire, but maybe I miss the fire breathing part that might happen when the dragon grows older. Other than that, a very entertaining AR Virtual Pet Simulator that will be loved by kids and adults alike.


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A friend of mine just send me a WhatApp video of a girl in his work petting the dragon and it was so adorable. Sharing some fun moments with your little dragon can be really fun.

If you read the comparability section on the App Store, you can see that the game requires iPhone 6s or later, so it’s not compatible with your iPhone 6 mobile device. This is probably the reason why the download button is grayed out and you can’t download it.

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