Traditional Geisha & Maiko Instagram Face Masks

Geisha and Maiko are two new Instagram filters that I’ve created using Facebook’s Spark AR studio. Two Augmented Reality masks that are inspired by my stay here in Japan.

I am close to two months and I’ve seen so many beautiful places and met so many amazing people. I was inspired by so many events, places, and captivating sights. I wanted to reflect on some of those experiences in my IG camera effects.

Of course, I couldn’t do without making geisha and maiko Instagram face masks. In fact, I already knew before I arrived in Japan that I am going to make those, but my stay in Japan, after seeing geishas and attending the Jidai Matsuri Festival already assured me that it was a good choice.

I’ve already created other Japanese-inspired filters but this something that symbolizes the Japanese culture for many people. If you arrive at Tokyo or Kyoto in certain areas, you might get lucky to see a geiko (Kyoto) or Geisha (Tokyo).

Geisha Instagram camera effect

I’ve created two filters, one of Geisha and the second one of Maiko. Maiko is an apprentice geisha and has a different hairstyle and hair ornaments, as well as different makeup. I wanted that reflected in the face mask. For example, in the maiko IG face mask the lipstick covers only part of the lips, the hairstyle is slightly different, you have a pink cheek blush and the makeup doesn’t cover the whole face at the top.

When I went to Jidai Matsuri (Festival) in Kyoto, I’ve recorded some videos using the Instagram app on my Android phone. I later combined those video clips into a single promotional video for my two new ‘Geisha’ and ‘Maiko’ Augmented Reality masks. I had fun using them myself, although I am a woman. Because of that, I felt that other people might enjoy this mask as well.

There is something captivating and mysterious about the geisha, especially if you haven’t seen one or interacted with one before. I think that many people like the geisha and maiko’s face makeup, hairstyle and the overall unique look. I also added a Kimono clothing that can be turned on and off in the filter by just tapping on the screen. If you are already wearing a kimono or just want to leave the part of the body as is when recording a video with the geisha or maiko filter, you have the option to do that.

I could have added more options, and I might do it in another filter.

I actually showed them to several Japanese girls after the Jidai festival and they liked it a lot. They were so surprised seeing them and I really enjoy the reaction. This is why I make filters, I want to make people have fun with them and seeing that type of reaction means everything to me.

How to get the Geisha and Maiko Instagram filter?

So, how do you get the Gaisha and Maiko Instagram camera face masks? Easy, just visit my Instagram profile at @wowfilterscom (WOW! Filters) and check the filter’s tab (the one with the smiley face). Then search for the filters and add them to your camera or just tap them to use them. I hope you enjoy them as I did. I put quite a lot of time into making sure they look convincing and close to the authentic ones.

That’s it, thanks for visiting and don’t forget to share those filters and follow me (@wowfilterscom) on Instagram. Cheers friends.