6 Seconds Game Instagram Filter by Yana Mishkinis

6 Seconds is one of the most addictive AR games that I’ve tried to date. It’s a blinking game, but unlike Flying Face where you need to continuously blink, here you only need to blink once. However, the goal is to make that blink at the exact 6.000-time mark, and by that I mean, by the millisecond.

Not east I have to tell you, but after watching some #blinkingat6 hashtag, it seems that quite a few people were able to make it. I am one of those poor addictive gamers who haven’t but I am still trying.

This 6 Seconds Game was developed by Yana Mishkinis, a very talented creator from Madrid, Spain.

When you launch the 6 seconds game, you need to tap to start the timer. It’s not concentration time. You need to carefully concentrate and make sure you quickly blink at 6.000. I personally do it before because I need to take my slow reaction time into account. It takes time to nail it. And you need to consider that each try takes at least 6 seconds. It’s good that it’s not stopping the timer at 60 seconds LOL.

How to get and play the “6 Seconds” game?

Alright, you probably want to know how can you download and play the “6 Seconds” game?

This is the easy part. Visit Yana Mishkinis on Instagram. Do it from your phone because you need to run the filter on the Instagram app. Once you are there, tap the filter’s icon (emoji).

This will show you all of Yana’s Instagram camera effects. Now search the list for the “6 Seconds Game” image and text, and tap on that image to download the effect.

That’s it. You can also save the filter so it is available offline. Share your try videos with Yana and she’ll post it on her Instagram stories. Have Fun!