Joker makeup Instagram filter

Creepy Clown Makeup Instagram Filter for Halloween

Today my Instagram filter called ‘Joker’ was approved (My Instagram is @wowfilterscom). This is a 3D makeup that was inspired by the Joker character from the movie Batman The Dark Knight. I’ve created it especially for Halloween 2019 and beyond.

This filter has a smudgy clown face makeup with smeared lipstick and dark eye makeup. It’s the best Joker makeup to create some creepy Halloween video and share it with your friends.

I wanted the makeup to look relatively sharp, so it’s more exaggerating the smile and other facial expressions users do with their mouths. Compared to how the one that uses in the movie where the lipstick is more smeared out.

Creepy clown Instagram filter
Creepy clown Instagram filter that resembles the Joker’s face makeup.

I made other Halloween IG camera effects but they are yet to be improved. I do hope that they will be improved shortly so you can try them out in Halloween. I’m sure Facebook is pushing strong to make sure as many IG effects are approved before Halloween. I still have plenty more that wasn’t yet approved, but hopefully, they will be improved soon.

Here is a spooky Halloween video I made using this particular ‘Joker’ makeup Instagram filter, here, take a look.

If you use it for your own cool Halloween video ideas or use it as a makeup for your own Halloween costume, don’t forget to tag me in your IG stories, I really want to see how you look with it.

I hope you enjoy it, more amazing filters are coming, not just for Halloween, so make sure you follow me so you get notified when I release new filters.

How to get the Joker filter? – Head to my Instagram profile and check the filter list. Don’t forget to press that follow button.

Happy Halloween 2019 Everyone!