Pride IG Face Mask

PRIDE – LGBTQ Rainbow Flag Instagram face mask

Yesterday I released a new Instagram filter called ‘PRIDE‘. It’s a simple AR face mask that paints your face with the LGBTQ rainbow colors and puts some beautiful colorful particle effects with the same colors over your head.

If you want to unlock this new ‘PRIDE’ Instagram face mask, just follow me on Instagram and you’ll have it available in your filter list in the Instagram app.

I hope you like this AR face mask, and more cool filters are on the way. This is a simple filter that I made using the Spark AR Studio software. It didn’t take me long but I am happy with the results overall.

Oh, by the way, you can use this filter with a friend as I made it support two faces. Try it out with a friend and both of you we’ll have the 3d makeup on your face at the same time!

See you in the next post, have a great day.