AR memory game IG filter

‘Simon’ like Memory game as Instagram AR filter

A few days ago I released a new filter called “Memorize”. This is a ‘Simon’ like Instagram filter game. Users need to follow a sequence of face gesture in order. Each level the game adds another gesture, and it’s up to you to memorize them all and execute them in the order they display to you.

There are several face gesture supported in this IG game, including rotate head left, rotate head right, open mouth, and raise eyebrows.

This memory mobile AR game will show you the sequence using smiley icons and you’ll need to repeat it.

It’s a simple game but I think you’ll enjoy it if you like memory games.

How to unlock ‘Memorize’ IG filter?

It’s simple, just follow wowfilterscom Instagram account and you’ll have it available in your filter drawer.

I hope you enjoy playing it, thanks for reading.