Selfie Hide-and-seek Instagram Filter Game

Selfie Hide-and-seek is an augmented reality hide-and-seek game that happens on the user’s face. It’s you versus a cute little butterfly.

Users need to close their eyes and wait until the butterfly tells them to start searching. If they open their eyes and peek too early, it will annoy the butterfly and you’ll need to start again.

Once ready, you need to blink to rotate the question mark to the area which you think the butterfly is hiding and then open the mouth to confirm the location. Wrong answer and you lose one try. You have a total of 3 tries to guess where the butterfly is hiding if you guess it all wrong the butterfly wins, else, you win.

Selfie hide and seek Instagram filter game

How to unlock and play Selfie Hide-and-seek?

Just follow me on Instagram and the filter will be unlocked and downloaded to your Instagram filter list and you can play it.

Selfie Hide-and-seek is an Instagram filter game that I developed myself using Spark AR Studio. I’ve developed more games, and I will release them in the near future, so stay tuned.

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