Instagram filter bug

After Instagram app uninstall and reinstall, filters gone, what to do?

Read fully before considering applying anything. It seems that many people are having issues with the Instagram app after reinstalling the app in order to receive new filters, like the Flying Face one.

Today I’ve tried uninstalling the Instagram app and reinstalling it because I thought there is a problem with the app fetching new filters. I used it on Android. After reinstalling, I went into the camera app inside Instagram and the filter icon wasn’t there, I couldn’t use the filters at all.

I tried the same process, uninstall and reinstalling and it didn’t solve the problem. This leads me to believe, that because before it did work, that there is a serious bug with the Instagram app that is yet to be solved.

What I did to temporarily solve it is to enroll in the beta (allows you to test new features) and then I saw the icon back. It even took it a few seconds to appear. Even now I have an issue that only 19 of my filters are there and not all the hundreds who were there before. After I closed the app and opened it again, a few more filters (like 5 of then) added.

Something is completely wrong with the app, it’s strange behavior that points out of a serious bug that Instagram needs to solve. People are also talking about it on Reddit and I hope that Instagram will solve this issue in a timely manner so all of you can play Flying Face IG game as soon as possible and use other filters as well.

If you see the filter icon and can’t find the Flying Filter icon, I would probably wait until things are solved and try to play the Flappy Bird IG game ‘Flying Face’ using the direct link to the filter than uninstalling and reinstalling the app and receive that bug. But if the icon doesn’t appear at all and you already reinstalled the app, what I described above might help but again, right now, the results are unexpectable due to this, what seems like, a bug in the app.

Update 1: I’ve read on @csavenables comments that he mentioned that “Instagram is having a few issues they’re trying to fix! Try again soon!”. Although not an official answer, it seems that Instagram know about the issue and they are working on solving these issues that so many people are experiencing. It’s not just about ‘Flying Face’ but any filters, and some report that new filters don’t show up in the filter list anymore, the same issue that I am experiencing.