Flying Face World Record

Flying Face World Record – Highest Best Score Achieved

Today I was interested to know what was the highest score achieved worldwide playing Flying Face, an Instagram filter game developed by dvoshovsky. I didn’t find an easy way to find it because there isn’t a global leaderboard in the game itself.

I searched YouTube and Instagram and eventually, I found the highest score I came across and it was actually posted on Dvoshovsky’s profile in his Flying Face Instagram story.

The highest score which isn’t an image, which can be edited (I can even do it myself) is the one by @bryanchang1988 (Instagram user).

Now keep in mind, this is the highest score I came across after searching for myself. There might be a better score out there but this is definitely a very high score. I mean, just imagine how many blinkings he had to so in order to get to this score.

The score is 745, and as far as what I’ve found, this is the World’s best score in Flying Face Instagram game.

Update 5/30/2019:

Another new world record by kokoleyy: 966 points!!!

966 points playing Flying Face
New Flying Face World Record, 966 points (image credit: kokoleyy, Instagram

Update 5/30/2019:

New highscore 1550 playing Flying Face
kokoleyy breaks his own record with 1550 points playing Flying Face, the highest score in the world! (Image credit: kokoleyy, Instagram)

Kokoleyy, a TikTok creator broke his own Flying Face world record with a staggering record of 1550 points, the first player known to break the 1000-point mark playing Flappy Bird game on Instagram, aka Flying Face.

If you found anything higher than this, perfectly an Instagram video post, please share it with me so I can update this page with the latest top score. Even if you did close to the highest, I want to share it with the AR community and respect for achieving such a high score.

As insane that score is, I have a feeling that someone will be able to top over 1000 points but we’ll need to wait and see.

What’s your best score?