Blinking Instagram game

Ingenious Blinking Instagram Game that You Must Play

I am quite certain that in the past couple of days, the number of blinks in the world was higher than usual The reason for it is a little Instagram filter game called ‘Flying Face’ by @dvoshansky (Instagram user) and future games that will be developed using blinking face gesture as the user input in their Instagram filter games.

Blinking is the game controller to move your flying bird. The game mechanics are similar to Flappy Bird, but instead of tapping, dvoshansky, ingeniously used blinking as a trigger for the movement of the bird character in the game.

Blink, Blink & more Blinks is all it takes to play Flying Face. If you wonder why this Instagram filter is called ‘Flying Face’, is because your face is attached to the bird’s face as a video stream, so all facial expressions are visible on the bird as well. Before you start playing, just make a face to the camera and watch the face of the bird. It’s quite funny especially if you play with a friend cooperatively in the 2-player game mode.

There are several facial movements that can be tracked when developing an Instagram filter game using Spark AR Studio. For example when users raise their eyebrow, when they open their mouth, and even when users rotate their head (I know that based on the IG Elephant mask filter), etc.

The great thing about blinking is that it’s easy to do. Using face muscles is much more stressful and if you raise your eyebrows too much, you are going to feel it after a short period of time. Blinking is less stressful in comparison.

I’ve seen many videos of people playing the game, and they went like 400, 500 points. Multiple each one about 3-4 times, which is the number of blinks it will take you to pass one obstacle (more or less), and you can see that we are talking about even thousands of blinks in a relatively short period of time. That’s why I told you that I don’t think that there was a time in human history were humans blinked so much. I wish there was a blinking analytics data available worldwide, but nobody measures such a thing LOL.

It was so smart to choose to use blinking, and I think this will inspire many other Spark AR creators to follow suit and try to use this addictive and fun face gesture in their game.

When I reviewed augmented reality games, one of the things that I talked about is hand fatigue and how developers are designing their games with short gameplay session in order to prevent hand fatigue. Now playing a game like that with a phone in front of your face can also lead to hand fatigue, but this is a selfie Instagram game, this means that you don’t need to scan a surface like with ARCore and ARKit apps, you can just lie on the bad and play the game if that’s what you like. Spark AR will automatically detect your face no matter how you are positioned.

I’ve seen some Flying Face gameplay videos and Instagram posts of people playing the game while lying on the bad or seeing on a couch holding their hands close to their boy. It probably was a comfortable way to play the game, as they needed to spend a few minutes to try to break their own record and try to achieve the highest number of points. I don’t know what is the highest score, but as I mentioned, we are talking about even thousands of blinkings, and around hundreds of points. I didn’t yet see someone goes above 1000 thousand points, but I know that someone out there is planning on doing that. Why? because when you see triple-figure results all the time, you know that the way to beat them all is to go with a 4-figure score. Give people a few days, someone will make it.

So blinking it is and it works wonderfully in this game. If you haven’t played the game yet, what are you waiting for? Have fun and don’t forget to share your highest score in stories and tag Dvoshansky. Thanks for reading.