Rifters AR Multiplayer RPG Shooter – First Impressions and Gameplay Video

Yesterday I started playing Rifters AR. It’s an amazing augmented reality first-person shooter RPG game that can be played alone or with up to 20 friends locally. In this game, you are fighting alien creatures in the real world space.

Rifters AR gameplay screenshot

The game features plenty of missions and even boss fights. Players will unlock more weapons and obtain resources as they progress. Resources can be used to craft new weapons and armor items which can help you later on in tougher battles.

Rifters AR features a wide variety of enemies, each one with its own unique movement and abilities. Players will need to adapt to an ever-changing battlefield by equipping the right weapons and abilities and cooperate with friends in order to be able to progress in challenging fights.

The game sports beautiful visuals, animations, music and sound effect that make everything come together beautifully to create a fascinating and engaging first-person shooting experience.

Rifters AR also requires players to move in the environment to evade enemies attacks so make sure you play it in a place with plenty of space.

This is not a review because I already started playing the game yesterday, but I made two first impression videos that show you what you can expect when playing this great RPG-shooter game by Omni Games. This game is definitely a few steps up compared to what I was used to as far as FPS games go and it’s formulated well, solving some of the issues that I’ve seen in other FPS games and bringing its own unique looks and feel to deliver a unique FPS experience that I’m sure many players will enjoy playing.

Rifters AR game screenshot

The most important thing for me is to check whether I found the gameplay controls and the shooting entertaining. I’ve played many room-scale 360-degree shooters and some of them were designed poorly and weren’t fun. I found out that one of the things that makes this game fun to play is the variety of enemies and their different mechanics. I know that when I dive into the next fight, I’ll encounter new enemies and that I might need to change my weapons and abilities to match an upcoming threat.  Furthermore, some of the enemies are floating in the air, others on the ground, so that mix of paying attention to both locations also make the game more entertaining. You really felt like an invading force entered your world.

An in-depth review will come later on as I progress through the game. Let’s check out some cool gameplay!