Yellow Porsche 718 Boxter car in augmented reality

Car 3D Configurator App Video Review

Yesterday I went out to shoot some reviews in the street, with a focus on augmented reality car showroom apps. Here you can watch my review of Car 3D Configurator by Elementals Studio.

It’s not my first car showroom app that I used, I tried plenty, but this one was among the most impressive ones that I’ve tried. This is not an official app, although Porsche car is used there. The app was designed to demonstrate the use of ARCore technology as a digital marketing tool to help marketing cars in the automotive business.

You have plenty of customization options, although I don’t know if those are applicable for the real car. Still, plenty of options, beautiful high-quality visuals. I even enjoyed being inside the car, watching the high-res texture and it felt almost like a real car. Maybe I should just have brought a little chair, then I could really feel being in that car.

I made a full review of this app. So if you are a market person, car enthusiast, AR enthusiast or just one who came across this article and love technology in general, I highly recommend downloading and trying this app out.

Keep in mind that this app requires an ARCore enabled device. I reviewed it using the OnePlus 6 Android mobile phone.

Download the app from Google Play for free <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>here</a>.