Jack Daniel's AR Experience

Jack Daniel’s AR Experience Video Review

Yesterday I went to the supermarket to get some food. I came across a Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey bottle in the liquor area and then I remembered that I have the Jack Daniel’s AR experience iOS app installed on my iPad (the app works on both iPhone and iPad of course).

I stopped everything I was doing, took my iPad out and launched that augmented reality app. The app was installed just in case I came across that bottle on the go.

It’s the first time I experience such an app on a drink bottle so I was excited to see how it goes. It turned out to be a fantastic experience. After scanning the bottle’s label, the experience begun. It is made brilliantly, featuring three different parts, each talks about different aspects of the Jack Daniel’s brand and even talks about the stories of Jack Daniel himself.

The AR experience followed by beautiful and atmospheric sound effects, professional narration and beautiful virtual paper folding stories.

Jack Daniel’s AR Experience by Brown-Forman is free on the App Store. If you have a Tennessee Whiskey bottle (from 50mL to 1.75L) just download the app and give it a try, if you don’t, check out my video first impression review of Jack Daniel’s AR Experience.