Puma AR shoes on fire

PUMA LQD Cell Origin AR Shoes Video Review

Today I went back to the store to try-on the PUMA LQD Cell Origin AR shoes for the very first time. This is the first AR shoes I have ever tried so I was super thrilled to try that experience first hand.

I first went to a store that is located closer, but they didn’t have these shoes. I then returned back to the big Puma flagship store in Shinsaibashi, where I saw those shows in the first place.

The shoes were there of course, and I asked the seller to give me a pair so I can try them on. Those sneakers are super comfy, I mean, after trying them and walking with them for a few moments, I felt bad going to use my own shoes. It’s the perfect time to release those sues, in Spring and before Summer. These shoes are not just very comfortable, but breathable, you actually feel like you are not walking with shoes at all. Just make sure you are wearing thin socks. I used the Puma socks that the seller provided me when I tried the shoes.

Now for the augmented reality part, the part that I was obviously interested in the most. Well, the fire effect once you wear the shoes felt look and felt even better. It’s just incredible looking down at your fit and seeing your shoes on fire. It’s even better once you walk with them and see the fire sticks on the shoe. I am saying ‘shoe’ because for some reason the AR filter didn’t work on both shoes at once, just on a single shoe. Maybe there is a way to do it, I wasn’t able to find out how to achieve that.

Also, I really liked how the fire effect animation looks when you rotate your foot, it looks really realistic, a great fire simulation. Sometimes when you move the shoe from one location to the other, it leaves some fire flame patches that fades away in the air and some fire sparks, again, realistic looking fire simulation I think it was a good choice to make something realistic than something that looks unnatural, just to try to reimagine something that you probably won’t experiment with in real life and something that also looks ridiculously cool and enjoyable to watch.

Overall, an incredible experience. I can’t wait to try out the other features that will be unlocked later in April. I hope these are more cool augmented reality filters, let’s just wait and see.