PUMA LQD Cell Origin AR Shoes First Look (Video)

Today I went to an official PUMA store in Osaka, Japan, in order to see if they got the Puma LQD Cell Origin AR shoes. Yes, augmented reality shoes that alongside the complimentary Android/iOS app, can deliver some unique AR experiences like no other.

I try out the endless runner game, the amazing fire AR effect that makes the shoes look like they are burning and the experience that explains the different parts of the shoes. There are still two more AR experiences that are locked and be unlocked later on, on in April and the other one in May.

I am definitely planning to go back to the store again and try on those Augmented Reality (AR) shoes again. I actually wasn’t planning that, but on the way home this came across my mind and I told myself maybe, just maybe there is a Puma store in the area that has those type of shoes.

I’ll come back later on when I am fresh and give it a try again. I compiled a first look review video for you, so you can see what’s the fuss about those AR shoes is all about. I hope you enjoy it, and please don’t forget to share, like and subscribe for more cool augmented reality videos! – Thanks.