Merge Explorer

Merge Explorer STEM Educational App First Look

In the following video, I am taking a closer look at a Merge Cube app called Merge Explorer. This is a STeM educational app for iOS, designed for both teachers and students. It helps deliver a more immersive, engaging and fun learning experience in different STEM topics as well as art.

I tried it outdoor and found it to be exactly that. It uses textual content, music, sound effects, narration, AR/VR (depends are you want to experience it, for VR you need to VR goggles) and it’s interactive.

I made a video showing my first use of Merge Explorer in a beautiful pathway full of cherry blossoms here in Japan. The app is free on the App Store for iPhone/iPad, but keep in mind that the rest of the chapters are locked and can be unlocked using a subscription free. Enjoy.