Optical camouflage Instagram filter

Instagram Filters Beautifully Combine Art and Tech

I have been spending countless hours recently to not just develop the new Instagram filters review website, but also of course on testing and reviewing many Instagram filters, cameras effects, and amazing 3D masks. This is all thanks to the great Spark AR Studio software by Facebook.

The reason why I love Instagram is that I see it as a one big open art museum. Yes, there are museums that incorporate digital art in the form of AR, but this is the more accessible way for everyone to not just try those tons of augmented reality mini experiences, but also to share it through the app and even see it on the web.

All those amazing creations are publicly visible and easily shareable and you can easily browse through many of them by just watching a preview picture or video that people made and posted on their IG page, IGTV or Instagram stories.

I called them “mini AR experiences” because until not so long time ago, most of my time I was into reviewing iOS and Android apps. I was still experiencing and trying filters, but I didn’t spend a lot of time on that.   Well, I’ve decided to change that, and put more AR joy into my life and spend more time (not that I have a lot) into learning more about this terrific way of sharing AR experiences. This includes amazing Instagram camera effects, absolutely rad and cool looking face masks, beautifying effects, interactive filters, and even minigames!

Today I came across one of my personal favorite Instagram filters to date and this is Optical Camo Instagram filter effect by Maike Manh. A brilliant filter that of course remind many of us of the same effect used in the movie Predator (1987), featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger or the newly released one, “The Predator” (2018).

Every day I wake up and the first thing I do after drinking my coffee (LOL, don’t drink coffee, I am kind of allergic to milk, and with soy, no thank you), I browse through my filter list to see what new filters have been released. I also part of an amazing Spark AR community group on Facebook, and I enjoy the discussion about those filters and the so many amazing AR experiences that people are releasing.

We are not talking about months of development here, so these filters are very accessible, they are very rewarding for that who make them and they get fast and large exposure that every developer enjoy having.

As an AR enthusiast and content creator, this is one of the best places to be at, alongside spatial computing of course.

If you haven’t visited my new filters-related website just yet, please do. I would appreciate if you can share this website, so more people are aware of it and hopefully I’ll get to meet more amazing Spark AR creators on my journey to discover more amazing AR filters.

Thank you.