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Instagram AR Filter Reviews – New Website Launched!

You probably wondering where I’ve gone. Even if not, I was actually working on another website, that one I made myself because I had plans for it for the future. The website is called WOW! Filters, and it’s all about (at the start) discovering and reviewing the most amazing, trending and influential Instagram AR filters out there.

The reason why I liked Instagram filters and effects so much, because they are like mini AR experiences, and you get to experience tons of them each day. I wish I could say that for AR apps, but when it comes to filters, I really wanted to dive into it, the art, the interaction and the thing that makes selfie filters and camera effects so unique and appealing for everyone.

I won’t take much of your time in this post. Make sure you check out my new website at

Hope you enjoy it, and again, the best is yet to come!