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Oh My, I Ruined things in a Beautiful Japanese Garden

Today I went outside to see some beautiful cherry blossoms in Osaka, Japan. I came across this beautiful Japanese garden. I paid 300 yen and entered inside. There I’ve decided that I want to play a sandbox game, something nice and relaxing that will fit the calm Japanese atmosphere of this beautiful garden.

Well, I’ve chosen to play Klotz AR. It is a relaxing game if you decide to play it in a relaxing way, but oh boy I played it in a completely different way. I actually start destroying and exploding all those building blocks and had so much fun. No worries, nothing bad happened to anything in the Japanese garden.

Klotz is a physics-based sandbox game where you can build structures with some simple building blocks, use pre-made structures and if you want, you can use the push and bomb features to just explode or wrack all those structures down. For me, it was so much fun, I can say that after that experience, I was quite relaxed if you believe it or not.

Here is a video of me playing Klotz AR in a beautiful Japanese garden with some stunning Cherry blossom, it’s Spring after all, and at the end, I was actually very relaxed, thanks to both the garden and the app 🙂

Here is the video review, Enjoy.