Falcon 9 carrying SpaceX Dragon capsule

Watching SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch using 321 Launch App

On Saturday, March 3rd, I was using 321 Launch app by USA Today to watch live coverage of SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule launch in both augmented reality and in a live video stream, both available in the same app.

I already used 321 Launch app in the past but decided to cover it in a significant event and this is why I’ve decided to share my experience with this app as I was watching SpaceX Crew Dragon launch live myself.

It was an exciting day for everyone involved in the SpaceX project, and of course for the crowd that was watching it live and following every step of the mission. The Crew Dragon eventually docked successfully at the International Space Station (ISS) and the mission was a success.

The Crew Dragon is a capsule that was designed to carry up to 7 people into orbit. This launch was uncrewed, but in the future, we’ll see people using this “Space Lift” to join a trip into space.

321 App is a fantastic app to follow upcoming rocket launches, read related news, see live videos, get notifications, see schedules, and get information about a specific launch as it takes place.

The augmented reality presentation is simple but does give you the chills when you watch it. You won’t see the rocket launched into the air, as for an obvious reason, you will lose view on it. However, it does simulate movement using virtual cloud and visual effects that give you the sense of the rocket actually moving.

Here is my review of 321 Launch app as I was waiting for SpaceX Crew Dragon rocket to launch.