real hippo and virtual pistol

Rhinoceros Charges Tourist Gamer at the Zoo in Japan (Kind of)

Today was a beautiful day and I’ve decided to go to the zoo to relax a bit and enjoy the sun. I was planning to capture and review a few apps, one of them was Raptor Hunter AR. It’s a first-person shooter augmented reality game.

I was searching for a relatively empty location as in many locations there were tons of people. I found a spot with no one just myself. I start recording some gameplay footage of me playing Raptor Hunter AR, then a few seconds later I so a Rhinoceros coming out from the back corner.

It didn’t take long and that area was full of people LOL. However, the best is yet to come. While recording gameplay footage, suddenly the Rhinoceros stormed towards me. I was behind a fence, but still, it was a scary moment. I didn’t know why it decided to charge, maybe because he saw me playing AR games and he didn’t like it.

A few seconds later, I’ve noticed a worker of the zoo below me, waving with a branch and leaves, so then I realized the reason why the Rhinoceros runs so fast towards the fence. Honestly, I didn’t see him, I was focusing on looking at the Rhinoceros and playing the game.

So everything went fine and when I got home I compiled all the material and now I can share my full review of Raptor Hunter AR with some cool scenes from the zoo – Enjoy!

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